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On October 4, 2010, Thunder and Lightning found their forever home.  It had been a difficult few months for these girls.  Their first owner had passed away, leaving them without a home. 

The next home they went to did not work out well - three dogs in the house were just too many.  Thunder and Lightning were at first very shy and unsure where they landed.  We fell into a nice routine of walking every morning-- something the girls needed to work their way into as they were a bit out of shape!  They love getting out early while there are lots of bunnies and quail running around on the streets.  Both are experts at the slow sneaking move to try and see if they can catch a bunny unaware.  Even though they never seem to get close enough, the game is still fun.  After about two months of living with us Lightning was up barking in the middle of the night.  Repeated requests to stop were not met.  We dragged ourselves out of bed to see what all the commotion was about.  Lightning had spotted a burglar stealing our patio furniture!!  What a good guard dog :) We feel very lucky to have been able to adopt these fabulous sisters.  They were wonderfully trained, love to cuddle and are the first dogs we have ever had that just lay down and WANT to be brushed!!

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