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Hello! Pumpkin here! Before I was named Pumpkin (got this name because mom's birthday is in the fall), days under another name were a bit rough.  And although I do not and will not revisit those days, I still have to tell you my journey from being a number in the animal shelter to the 1st runner-up in the 2013 RAGofAZ Cutest Golden Contest.

In May 2012, I was found as a stray and brought to the animal shelter. Ring ring...the shelter contacted my owner by the tag I was wearing but to my huge disappointment, owner said it was great that I was off the street but I was no longer wanted. Luckily, a very nice lady with RAG found me there and decided I deserved better than being a number at the shelter. And life as Pumpkin was about to begin...

I went home with a young woman but they said she was only my foster...Well, I knew I didn't want to move, so I became a very good boy and learned the basic commands quickly to prove that I was worthy of staying. AND I DID IT! I never ended up packing my bags and though I was happy to stay, I still had a hard time trusting them 100% because I was so traumatized. After six months, I finally figured that I was home and safe and at last, was able to sleep with my eyes shut. Life as Pumpkin is great except for the once a month Meet & Greet that I attend. It is not that I do not enjoy doing it, it's just that I'm too cute and EVERYONE wants to meet me and pet me and sometimes I get tired afterwards. Since I have made appearances every month for the past year, I have no shame to call myself the official RAGofAZ West Valley Ambass-A-Dog! At the events, I put smiles to shoppers' faces, I entertain the children with my tricks and I comfort those who are sad as they tell stories about their beloved dogs.
I LOVE my life! I DO! And none was possible if it was not for RAGofAZ saving me and finding a good home for me!

Heather Yan


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