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Lady’s story is a perfect example of the old adage that for every dog in need there is the perfect “forever” home out there somewhere. 

Little is known about Lady’s first eight years of life, but she was rescued by RAGofAZ and placed in a loving home in Tucson.  Lady was a fearful dog who did not tolerate other animals well, and would not accept the resident dog in her new home.  We had just applied to adopt, had no children or animals at home, and could offer Lady a quiet and calm environment.  The RAGofAZ placement people made it clear that we could probably never have another animal around Lady and we agreed to that.  Poor Lady---she panted with anxiety for many hours following her arrival at our house, and stayed glued to our family room rug except when she needed to go outside.  We didn’t even make eye contact for five hours.  Finally, she looked up at me and blinked in the way dogs do when they are acknowledging you.  Slowly I slid over on the rug and gently petted her.  After a few days she clearly was bonding with both Bob and me.  In fact, she became deeply attached to us, though still would not tolerate other people or dogs.  In time, even that began to change, as Lady learned that yes, people will come into our home and nothing bad will happen.  Finally, more than two and a half years after adopting Lady, we decided to try adopting another Golden from RAGofAZ.  
But that’s another story . . .    

Judi and Bob Schillaci



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