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We adopted Buddy in February.  He had been the stud dog for a backyard breeder for the past nine years, and a divorce left him homeless.  We met him at a foster home and immediately accepted him into ours. 

He was initially frightened by his new surroundings and all the change and uncertainty in his life, but daily walks and tennis balls quickly changed his perceptions.  Some malignant skin cancers needed removal, and he had two surgeries soon after coming to our home, but he did well and was soon enjoying his walks again.  When summer came, he discovered the pool, and now his days consist of waking us up by rolling on the bed, followed by a long walk, which includes chasing tennis balls.  On returning home, he takes a swim, has breakfast, then goes to work with his Mom.  Much to his delight, the walk, swim, and food repeat themselves in the evening.  Last week, Buddy learned how to dive, and now does graceful dives into the pool at every opportunity.  Well, it's time to quit writing--Buddy just pushed away my keyboard and dropped a tennis ball in my lap.  I think I'll go play with my old friend...

Cindy Nelson


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