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MeMe's relocation from Tucson had one superior perk. It would result in the gift of eye sight. That is a fitting reward for a young lady with a sweet and caring disposition who charmed everyone who cared for her.

Those attributes were not lost on the support group who, including the eye surgeon, joined in wondering what MeMe would be like after the surgery. That was answered in short order when I was told I could return her to activities outside the house. Our first exploration was on the lawn in front of my house, an area replete with rabbits.

Almost immediately she focused in on a rabbit about 25 feet away. As she sat there she cocked her head left and right in a quizzical way. She obviously had no memory of rabbits.

Almost every day that I took her out, she would go to the same spot, look at the place where her rabbit buddy had been. This ended about a week later when she decided that she needed closer inspection and she bolted off the lawn with me strung out at the end of the leash. The bunny understood the potential and has not been seen since.

Joe Ettinger


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