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Jake and I lost our best buddy Winston to the bridge November 17, 2011.  We were lost.  Judy and Dean encouraged me to take all that love I had for Winston and give it to a new fur kid.  Our vet suggested a puppy to bring back out Jake's young ten year old side.

I got the call in April for Daisy and she has been one of us since that day.  She was so fearful and afraid of every noise.   Daisy spent the first six months of her life in a backyard without much human interaction.  It took her a while, but now she is a fun-loving, crazy golden puppy.  That first night she was on the floor snuggling up to Jake.  She loves to swim, go for walks, go for rides, and sit in your lap for a snuggle.  Every morning she climbs up into my bed with one of her babies and makes a loud yawn.  Some days I find her in the back yard tossing tennis balls to herself.  I can't imagine life without her and her sweet smile.
Thank you RAGofAZ for helping Jake and me to heal after the loss of Winston.  You were so right; I needed to take all that love and give it to a Golden Rescue.
Caren Solberg


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