“Hello, I’m Walter


I’m nearly 12 years old and thanks to RAGofAZ I’m still here to tell my story.

It began when the nice folks at the Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott found me, sick and starving, and took me in. I guess they thought I was a little too sick for them to deal with so they called RAGofAZ and Aunt Robin and Aunt Ruthann came to get me. Between the shots they gave me and the infections in my ears and chest I guess I was a bit out of it. I did have a brief run in with one of Aunt Robin’s cats but I guess they forgave me. The punishment wasn’t too bad.

Things got a little scary when they took me to the vet the next day and they learned that I had two ear infections, pneumonia and three masses in my back end. Everyone was wondering if I was going to make it but I said “to heck with that. I’m a tough old boy.” They gave me some meds and my lungs and ears cleared up in a hurry…and did I mention that the food was pretty good at Aunt Robin’s. Everyone was so nice and seemed so happy that I was doing so well.

After recovering for a while I was moved to a nice new home – no cats for me to get into trouble with – and RAG started to wonder about those masses in my rear end. They seemed surprised when the first doctor they took me to couldn’t find them. I was then moved to another new home and another vet and they too poked and prodded and took an x-ray and couldn’t find anything, either. Everyone seemed really amazed that the masses had vanished but all I cared about was that the vet told my foster mom to feed me 4 times a day until I put some weight on. I really liked him! He also gave me some pills to help my arthritis that wouldn’t upset my stomach and in no time at all I was feeling like my old self and enjoying my walks.

Walter1Once they decided that I didn’t have something called cancer after all they started looking for a permanent home for me. You might think that it would take a lot of time to find a spot for an old boy like me but the fact is some nice new people came over to meet me and pet me at my foster mom’s house before I was even medically released for adoption. One more visit to the vet…who didn’t say anything about feeding me less (I told you I liked him!) and I was good to go. Would you believe, the very next day I was off to my new home in Scottsdale where things are looking pretty good for this old dog who wouldn’t give up. Thanks RAGofAZ. I couldn’t have done it without you.”