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Two new refugees from Turkey, Charlie and Luca, are airborne and will land at LAX on January 31st at 4:45 PM PST. Their chauffeurs from LAX to Arizona are Bob and Darcy Wood. They will overnight in a nice hotel in California and arrive in Phoenix tomorrow evening. How exciting! Follow their long journey from Istanbul to California on Flight Aware .

Charlie Luca2Charlie Luca

Charlie or LucaCharlie or Luca2Charlie Luca flight

 Charlie and Luca arrived safely and continued their journey to Arizona. Here they are with their flight volunteers and transport volunteers Bob and Darcy.

Luca and charlie flt vol and transcharlie Luca tran Bob


 Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..