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Help us welcome in these four pups rescued from Mexico. They’re arriving on November 6th at Sky Harbor International.

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Meet Gold! A 7-year-old Golden

 Gold 19 059 Gold 19 0592

Gold was found exploring the outskirts of the city. He was most likely discarded and left alone in a weekend home, where he escaped and was rescued by a woman who sheltered him in an enclosed porch until she could find a loving, safe home for him.


Meet Brixton! A 6-year-old Golden

Brixton 19 060 Brixton 19 0602

Brixton lived on a construction site with his caretaker, a construction worker. Brixton’s caretaker got fired from the job and abandoned Brixton when he was not in great shape. His fur had to be shaved but he is excited to grow his fluffy mane back.

Meet Bo! A 6-year-old Golden

BO 19 062

When Bo was rescued, he was found living in a Brick factory. His right paw had an old fracture on it which was badly infected and only getting worse. Bo’s right paw and lower have of his leg had to be amputated but he made a great recovery. He didn’t let his amputation affect his energetic character and love for playing.

Meet Sofy! A 7-month-old Golden

Sofy 19 061

Sofy comes from a great home where she was wanted, loved, and properly taken care of. Unfortunately, Sofy needs to be given to another loving family because the newborn baby of her previous household developed a serious allergic reaction to Sofy.

On average, we spend $700-$1000 per dog rescued from Mexico. If you’d like to help us rescue more good dogs like these amazing pups, we’d appreciate any and all donations!



Mexico arrivals Bo, Brixton, Gold & Sofy

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For over twenty years, RAGofAZ has been rescuing lost, abandoned, and displaced Golden Retrievers from our own communities here in Arizona. Now the call for rescue comes from across the ocean in China and South Korea, and from our neighbor to the south, Mexico. In partnership with dedicated international rescue organizations, RAGofAZ has saved dozens of Goldens who had been wandering the streets in search of food, and running in fear from abusers or certain death. We refuse to sit by and do nothing while these precious animals wait helplessly for rescue and reprieve. We fly these dogs to America where they receive medical care, life-saving surgery, nutritious food, and the warmth and love of a forever home at a cost of between $1,000 and $4,000.

Our work must continue. Will you help save the life of a desperate Golden Retriever by donating today? Any amount is deeply appreciated. Because hunger, illness, and despair know no language, no culture, and no boundary.

Please note: Your donation goes to the organization, not just to the dog you selected or to international dogs specifically.  All donations go into a central fund to help all dogs.

Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..