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Cooper came to me from RAG as a foster with the intent to adopt at 6 months old in 2006. He had been dumped twice in Safford and we could not tell his story in the newsletter for a bit as it was complicated. I took it upon myself to trace his microchip and I learned that he came from a pet shop in Scottsdale and that he was a Heinz Corporation dog, the largest distributor of “puppy mill” dogs. His real birthday is 7/11/06. Cooper was afraid of men, in particular, hands raised anywhere near him and did not know how to play. He learned to overcome all of these things which led me to become a professional dog trainer.

On July 11th, this sweet, loving, playful, joyful Golden turned 15. We are so blessed to have him still with us. He has been with us for 14.5 years, along with 3 other dogs plus 2 cats. One of the cats always sleeps on him.

His heart and lungs are great, his arthritis is slowing him down but he gets lots of treatment for it. As I watch him age alongside me I am reminded of how much his positive attitude about life has kept him going. Cooper lives every day to his fullest, going for walks, rolling in the grass(his favorite and “looks for snacks!) I realize that he is starting to get neurological issues and I am going to stick with him and my mop as long as he is happy and has a quality life.

My thanks to RAG for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives and for giving us the opportunity to create a beautiful life for him. He now loves everyone he meets.

I have included photos of him enjoying a bone on this birthday, the 2009 Hearts of Gold calendar, and when he was younger. He smiles.


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