Sometimes dogs come to us not because they are sick or homeless, but because their owners encounter unexpected problems. Young Champ came to Rescue A Golden of Arizona (RAGofAZ) because his owners discovered that family members had allergies to dog fur. Plus, the poor little guy was rather fearful because he had been attacked by a small dog at a dog park.

Champ and Friend photoWith that face, it took our Placement team no time at all to find Champ a new home where he fit right in. He quickly came to feel loved and secure with his new mom and dad nearby. Even the resident feline warmed up to him in a week or so. In time, Champ’s fear of little dogs diminished. It certainly doesn’t seem to be getting in the way of new doggie friendships now!

If Champ could speak, he would say thank you from the bottom of his Golden loving heart for his wonderful new life! Your membership, volunteerism and dedicated financial support make these everyday miracles possible. Donations are always welcome and always tax deductible. Renewing your membership is a great time to add an annual donation to RAGofAZ so please consider helping Champ and his Golden friends out with your special gift.

Thank you!!! (WOOF)