UPDATE:   Sweet Skye has found her forever home!

Our RAGofAZ foster mom has already brought Skye to meet her new family. Skye will now have a "new" mom and three 4 legged "new" siblings.

Thank you for the amazing support we received while looking for Skye's forever home.

RAGofAZ has the BEST members/supporters.

Skye is "home".... and oh so very happy.

Thank you.


Hi there! My name is Skye!

pictureI am a sweet, funny, petite two year old Golden girl looking for a special home. I have an eye condition which will eventually cause me to lose my sight. I can see now but the "specialists" have said that at some point I will have limited to no vision...they can't say when that will be but for now my limited vision doesn’t slow me down. Since I have been with my RAGofAZ foster mom & dad and canine brothers I have no problem finding the dog door, toys and the tender touch of my foster mom & dad.  But don't be sad, this will not stop me from living a full and happy life.  All I need is a family with a little patience and some TLC.

I would love to have another dog in the house, for company when my human is away.  And someone who is home more often than not, as I have been called a Velcro dog.....who loves to be close to my favorite person. I have not shown any interest in swimming  with my canine brothers so if you have a pool, it would be best if it is fenced off or you can close your dog door when you leave. I am a typical Golden girl who has a beautiful soft coat and loves being brushed. I love to go for walks and for rides in the car and just hang out with YOU.  One more thing, please don't move the furniture.

If you pick me to be your special pup, I will promise to be the best pal you would ever ask for.  I have a lot of love to give, and won't let my eyesight stop us from having a wonderful life together. 

If you think you might be my special family,  please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let them know.  I am waiting for YOU! As they say...the Skye's the limit :)

Thank you.