Here's one of our intakes--Holly, age 13 weeks! Holly was born with Megaesophagus---the aortic arch formed a band around her esophagus making it difficult for her to eat. (She would regurgitate most of her food). She spent a few days in a foster home with three Golden sisters, and then had a lengthy surgery at Animal Medical and Surgical Center Scottsdale by Dr. Linney. ASophia2 band was removed from around her esophagus and bougienage (ballooning) was done to her esophagus to help expand it. She is now eating and doing so much better. The doctor is very hopeful that this challenging and expensive surgery has been successful.

Holly spent several days recovering in the hospital, and has now gone home with her new Mom and Dad! 

Holly's vet costs are approaching $6,000. She will still need to have her vaccinations and be spayed and have two hernias repaired when she is 6 months old, but RAGofAZ will take care of that as part of our Gold Standard. 

Holly's story is made possible because of our generous supporters. We do what we do, all for the love of a golden to give them a chance at a wonderful life. Thank you!Holly DSC 4976