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We had a good time together since day one.

I heard he did not like other dogs, the vacuum cleaner and I guess atypical – afraid of the thunder and lightning.

The first morning we took our morning walk in his new neighborhood and meet some of the neighbors. Those with dogs hesitantly approached this 104 pound Golden Retriever immediately dropping down on his front paws and barking while creating a monsoon with his fast wagging tail. His favorite was Bentley. A little charmer of a white dog who would come across the street to meet him nose to nose and looking Oliver in the eye, lick his nose. He would then turn and totally ignore his pal.Oliver1

I would take out the Oreck and Oliver I found would just lay there with "the look" that said "you want to vacuum, go around me". One day while he laid on the tile floor I gently placed the running cleaner on him and he thought he died and went to heaven. He was air cooled and brushed up and down, nirvana. He really liked the Shop Vac.

Thunder and lightning would wake him up while still some distance away. How do they do that? He was heavy and being a senior this precluded his jumping up on the bed. Yes, I would give in and lift him up and cuddle and talk to him, but he would not want me to tell you that. It became easier to just put my pillow down and lie on the floor with him panting and dripping on me.

He was noticeably having more difficulty getting up as the vertebrae in his rear legs were weakening. No hip dysplasia or arthritis, just calcification and age. Prednisone was helping, but you could see the weakening over time. He just wanted to please and had a lot of heart.

Oliver went outside this morning, as I heard the flap of the doggy door, when he came in and lay in front of fan number 2 in the living room, I noticed a wet spot on his side. Further investigation determined a clean white lesion, about the size of a dime, surrounded by a slightly swollen area. I tried to think bug bite, but I knew better.

A visit to the Vet determined it was cancer and it would spread.

We all know they are our friend, companion, lover, partner and we are responsible for their well-being. As with everything else in life, there is a cost.

Today I paid the cost.

I know when Oliver walked to the bridge he received some renewal and a spring in his step. He went; tail wagging, across the bridge to see his friends who crossed before him. He will have tales of Oreck vacuum cleaners, friends who licked his nose, neighbors who would come by his yard walking or by car and honk for him to come out and say hello. He would tell of the wonderful cupcakes he got only on his birthday.

We were so fortunate Rescue a Golden of Arizona found us. Yes, I am sad, but know he came to a home where he was loved, taken care of and gave so much.

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