By Bob Schillaci, Director of Golden Operations

retriever pexels bruno cervera 1431762So, it was a tough year for us humans, but your dog may have felt as if it was wonderful. After all, you were around all the time - lots of pets, lots of treats. But now the lockdown is over, and schools and business are getting back to normal. And behaviorists are reporting that the dogs are not thrilled. Dogs are creatures of habit and “routine” is important to them. They adapted to a new routine when you were around — but now the routine is not changing for the better as far as they are concerned.

Separation anxiety can be a real problem. It is more than “the dog is unhappy.” Some can get destructive. Some can forget their potty training. This link to an article by Dr. Lori Teller, gives some useful hints for managing your pet’s anxiety, and tips on what not to do and what to do.

If your Furkid is not happy about you having to go back to work, remember, dogs know nothing about mortgages, and they think food magically appears in their bowls! Even so, you might take a look at Dr. Teller’s ideas and give them a try.