If your dog had surgery or suffers from hot spots, you may be frustrated with the plain old Elizabethan collar from your local vet. The cone of shame certainly gets the job done, but sleeping, eating, drinking, and generally being a dog can be tough while wearing a giant white lampshade. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some great options that work just as well. The alternatives to the traditional cone of shame include these six basic types:
• Soft e-collars
• Inflatable collars
• Neck control collars
• The comfy cone
• Surgical recovery clothing
• DIY jacket or collar
Whatever your choice, make sure your cone alternative adequately protects the injury site. And don’t forget that even when wearing the cone, dogs need supervision after surgery. So book an experienced pet sitter or find a dog lover to drop by during the day if you can’t be around to monitor.

Soft E-Collars

Comfortable and affordable, these collars are ideal for dogs who aren’t likely to chew or lick vigorously. If your pet is likely to leave the affected area alone with a mild deterrent, these collars offer great mobility at a very reasonable price point.
Check out three favorite e-collars.

1. ElizaSoft Recovery Collar
The ElizaSoft is a comfortable and inexpensive e-collar solution for dogs who are relaxed about their recovery. A determined licker will quickly figure out how to nose the material out of the way and go to town on stitches or hotspots. However, a calm pet will enjoy the mobility and comfort of this simple device.

2. Cuddle Cone
The Cuddle Cone is fleece-lined inside and made of foam. This is a step up in rigidity from the ElizaSoft collar, and you gotta love the cute fabric choices.
Cuddle Cone

3. Lion Recovery Collar
This adorable cone alternative will cheer you up, even if your dog isn’t quite sold on the whole cone of shame concept. Soft and padded fabric covering to pamper your little buddy.

Lion Recovery

Inflatable E-Collars

These puffy, padded collars won’t work for power chewers, but they are very comfortable for supervised breaks from the traditional cone. They offer increased mobility, as well.

4. Kong Cloud Inflatable E-Collar
This is a comfy inflatable option with a cozy fabric cover and affordable price point. While the cloud collar won’t prevent serious chewers, it’s a great option for supervised breaks from a more traditional cone or for medicated dog who have a hard time navigating with a traditional cone on.

Kong Cloud

Neck Control Solutions

These collars work by immobilizing your dog’s neck. They are a stronger deterrent than the soft e-collars, though determined chewers can often find a way around them.

5. Bite Not Collar
Collars like these immobilize the neck, making it more difficult for dogs to lick. Much like the inflatables, this collar, depending on the size, shape, and flexibility of your dog, may not keep paws, tails, and other extremities out of reach.

Bite Not

The Comfy Cone

The best of both worlds! This cone is soft and adjustable, yet prevents most dogs from accessing their injury site.

6. The Comfy Cone
The comfy cone is the best of all worlds. The material is soft yet wipe clean, the size is infinitely adjustable with velcro tabs, and the cone can be reinforced with plastic spines, or worn soft and flexible. Comes in a range of sizes and depths, with extender pieces to further customize the fit.

Comfy Cone

Surgical Recovery Clothing for Dogs

This is just what it sounds like—an outfit, rather than a cone per se. If your dog tolerates clothing, you’ll love the flexibility and coverage of this option.

7. Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs
This vet-approved outfit is washable and comes in fun cheerful patterns, and offers a range of styles to cover different injury zones. This is a great option for dogs with frequent or recurring issues.

Suitical Recovery

DIY Options

You may find that a human t-shirt, sweatshirt, or baby onesie and a couple rolls of 3M Vetrap will keep surgery areas adequately covered. Not sure how to begin? Here are some DIY guides to get you started.

Custom Post Surgery Shirt

Custom fit a post-surgical jacket with an old shirt and safety pins. This method will work equally well for smaller dogs. For larger dogs, you won’t need safety pins. A big knot on the bottom hem of a shirt will keep it in place, or you may have to improvise a little.

Custom resized

RAGofAZ does not endorse these solutions. Items were selected by the writer for Rover Magazine. All products are available from Amazon or your local Pet Supply store.