Second Oldest RAG of AZ Golden: Meet Tinkerbelle

14 Second Oldest Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle came into my life September 2008. She was one of the “Sooner” rescues from a puppy mill in Oklahoma.

Fortunately for both Tinker and me, she got a new life thanks to Rescue A Golden of Arizona. The beginning of Tink’s life left an indelible mark on her, but for the past nearly thirteen years she has had a good life and most of the trauma she must have experienced is a distant memory.

Sometimes we have our moments when we go for walks. She becomes a speed walker on her way back to her safety net, “the living room sofa”. Tinker lost her best buddy, Travis, in October of 2020, but is enjoying her new role as leader of the pack (kind of) of two snooty little female dogs. Tinker hasn’t slowed down much despite her senior status, although slightly deaf. She still loves her stuffed toys, her special big bones, treats and still tells me off at times when she doesn’t want to do something. All in all, Tink is living a good golden life in Flagstaff and Carefree. I am very fortunate to have her in my life all these years! She is my special golden girl.