Oldest RAG of AZ Golden: Meet Boone

13 Oldest Boone

In 2010 at four years old, Boone had quite a history of unusual behaviors. He was an escape artist, who bolted pell mell at every chance.

He could climb a chain link fence at breakneck speed. Finally after three adoption failures and living with a trainer for three weeks, he found his forever family. His issues were still not resolved, as he was very fearful of large truck and machinery noise. Of course his forever family loved him immediately.

Boone was a challenge, but he brought many smiles and much happiness to many people. In 2010 he earned his Good Canine Citizenship, and became a visiting therapy dog with Pets on Wheels of Scottsdale Inc. Boone visited The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, Sunrise Middle School, STARS rehab, various nursing homes, home visits, and participated in many events. Upon his retirement in 2019, he was inducted into the Pets on Wheels Hall of Fame.

Since his retirement, Boone is still feisty, even though it is on a slower scale. He has to be lifted onto the couch and into the car. But he still walks everyday and has short play times with his squeaky toys. Boone still exerts his alpha status with Mason, his Newfoundland companion. Boone is in good health and his forever family are grateful to have adopted him.