November: Meet Brinkley

11 Nov Brinkley

My name is Brinkley, funny name I know but my mom and dad thought it fit me well?! Anyway, my story begins on the mean streets of El Paso Texas where I was dumped as a pup.

I am blind so I guess the humans just couldn’t take care of me, anyway some very kind people contacted RAG of AZ and they came and rescued me!!

My mom, dad and big sister Big Nose Kate were very sad because Doc Holliday who was with them 13 years had to cross over the rainbow bridge. Katie was so sad and just wouldn’t eat or have fun anymore so mom and dad decided they would have to get another fur baby.

Mom decided fostering would be a great idea so she contacted RAG of AZ and within a few weeks they called and told her all about me. She told dad and Katie and they said okay let’s see how he fits in with the pack. Guess what, I’m still here 3 years later. They adopted me!! Dad says I’m his best buddy, mom says I’m the sweetest and Katie says I’m a pest but she LOVES me!! Happy ending for us all!!

Thank you RAG of AZ for finding me the perfect, forever home.