October: Meet Dozer

10 Oct Dozer

So what can I say about our Dozer?

Dozer came into our lives in October 2020, a couple of months after Murphy went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a gangly, clumsy 9 month old puppy.

Cute little zipper nose, big “knot head”, long legs, long body, beautiful Gold coat, a bit pushy and really tall for his age. We are accustomed to taller Goldens, as Hunter our second Golden was a tall boy too.

We tried out several names, and nothing seemed to be just the right fit. Then one day he came barreling out of the house, pushing Chase across the patio, just to get petted. I said “you are such a bulldozer, pushing Chase out of your way. Oh, “Dozer” that’s it, your name is Dozer.” Yes, we had the perfect name! Even our veterinarian said “I can see why you call him Dozer”.

Dozer loves to retrieve tennis balls, runs at top speed in the back yard, chases the birds and is learning to swim. I may have a “Dock Diver” here. He’s been taking obedience classes. He passed his first class and will soon finish his second class. Dozer is very smart, but when he tries to hide behind the x-pen wires to sneak up on Chase, I have to wonder.

Chase and Dozer are doing well together. They keep us laughing, something you can never get too much of these days. Thank you RAG of AZ for this adorable pup.