September:  Meet Max

09 Sept Max

We met Max on Valentine’s weekend at the Academy West Animal Hospital in Phoenix. His bright smile and positive, happy outlook stole our hearts immediately.

We couldn’t believe we had the privilege of bringing this one-of-a-kind energy ball of sweetness into our lives!

We knew he had been through a terrible ordeal by his shaved front leg and belly when we met him, but his hair has since grown back shiny and healthy over the past three months. The only indication to us of his previous pain is a scar gouged into his nose from some unknown experience. If it weren’t for his nose and his “Rescue a Golden” collar tag, other people would have no idea of his rescue from China either! Max is always the “life of the party,” and he makes everyone happy who meets him.

As far as his health issues, we managed to find an incredible veterinarian team in Flagstaff –– the Continental Animal Wellness Center –– that has helped us to get Max healthy. The wonderful specialists at Salt River Veterinary Specialists in Scottsdale were also able to identify and treat a relentless urinary tract infection that turned out to be a prostate issue. Max is now able to walk without pain and he is finally able to live a happy, normal life, thanks to Rescue A Golden, and their wonderful staff and volunteers! One surprise we learned from Salt River Veterinary Specialists is that our spirited boy has more energy than usual because he is a year younger than we thought! A definite plus for us to have one more year with him!