August: Meet Marina

08 Aug Marina

In December 2020, some nice people from Goldens Without Borders and Rescue A Golden of AZ came to where I lived with a bunch of my Golden friends in China and rescued us from the Chinese Dog meat trade.

After a safe long flight across the Pacific Ocean my rescuers busted me out of my crate, and I immediately showed my adorable personality.

I am a very curious 4-year-old girl. Seeing myself in the mirror for the first time was fascinating. I also like to run, play and counter surf when given the opportunity. I was just so happy to have my freedom and these humans were so nice to me. Soon I was traveling across the desert to meet my new mom. Mom said she adored me from the moment she saw my picture. She says I am super sweet but adorably willful, determined but respectful and settling in well.

I have a cool brother, Coby, a RAG of AZ rescue from Mexico, and despite our language barrier we love each other very much! Coby and I love our squeaky toys, but we have worked out a system where we share.

Mom’s friends say that I am the cutest Golden they have ever seen and of course I am enjoying my princess status. Most importantly I love my forever family and they love me back. I am the luckiest girl in the world.