June: Meet Cami

06 Jun Cami

Hi! Cami here! June is the birthday month my Mom gave me. I’m originally a Texas girl but was transferred to Rescue A Golden of Arizona in 2018.

I was probably 6 or 7 years old then. I had been in several different homes and a couple of shelters before coming here. I even had obedience training at some point. Anyway, my Mom started out by fostering me but ended up becoming a foster failure! LOL. She says I’m perfect and I’m her heart dog now. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell that to my 2 brothers and sister because she loves us, all, dearly!

My favorite thing in the world is having toys! I love toys and always have one in my mouth! It makes me feel secure and I look super cute with them. I also love going on runs with my family. I stay close to my Mom and don’t like to venture far from her but I love it! Thank you RAG of AZ! I am living the dream now!