May: Meet Lou

05 May Lou

How does a sweet golden retriever go from being lost in a field to a golden life? It starts with Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

Meet Lou, who has found a new life and happiness after being found wandering in a field with no collar or chip. He was shy, anxious and didn’t readily wag his tail or even know how to play.

Lou is a kind and gentle boy. It took him months before he trusted that all the dog toys in the toy box were his and that there was no end to the snuggles, love and patience we had for him.

Two years in, Lou is a true companion who never leaves your side. He goes nearly everywhere with us and his favorite toys are always nearby. No longer shy and timid, he’s a confident and furry soul who has brought so much happiness into our lives. We’re grateful every day that a call was placed to Rescue A Golden of Arizona and that of all places, he landed in our home.