April: Meet Nabila

04 Apr Nabila

Nabila was found shivering in the snow in a forest in Turkey. Upon arrival in Arizona she was named Angel and she went to stay with a nice family. Unfortunately for them, Nabila and their dog did not get along.

Luckily for us, we were next in line when Rescue a Golden of Arizona sought a new home for her.

We had lost our golden girl Ginger almost three years earlier. Angel came to us at just the right time. We renamed her Nabila, noble one, because one look at her sweet face told us she had persevered against difficult odds by being resilient and strong and, despite her difficult past, she was willing to give us a chance. She was shy at first, but slowly started trusting us. She stole our hearts and those of all our neighbors who we come across during our early morning walks. At night, she loves to sit on our back porch looking at the Tucson city lights. We wonder if she is glad to have landed in this desert after having almost frozen in a Turkish forest. We are glad and thankful for all the twists of fate that brought her to us.