February: Meet Bo

 02 Feb Bo

In June of 2020, the rescue received a tip about some Golden puppies living outside in the mud, in 110°F weather, and in a terrible situation.

Jumping into action, we were able to locate and rescue both of them. One of those puppies was Bo, or as we affectionately call him, Baby Bo and the other was his brother, Duke who is this year’s cover dog.

In spite of his rocky start to life, Bo has always been the happiest boy and the source of endless entertainment. He loves his big brother Tug, a 6 year old RAGofAZ dog and his older sister Madison, a 14 year old rescued Weimaraner. His favorite thing to do is swim in the pool and he’s a bit of a Houdini; constantly figuring out how to break into the backyard to take a midnight swim! His second favorite thing to do is build mud piles and lay in them. We think this comes from his experience living in the mud early on. He also loves hiking and making new friends wherever he goes!

We chose February for Bo’s calendar month because it’s the month for love and Bo is the sweetest, most loving Golden! He will charm you like no other and everyone who meets him falls in love immediately! Finally, he really hopes that you’ll accept this rose!