January: Meet Sedona

01 Jan Sedona

Hi, my name is Sedona. I was born February 15, 2016. I came to my forever home in the beginning of November, 2020.

I had two previous homes and I was a very good girl, but the economy and medical bills prompted them to give me up.

Luckily I came to Rescue A Golden of Arizona, however I had a soft tissue sarcoma on my right rear leg. In order to remove the cancer my leg had to be amputated in January of 2021. My Mom and Dad fell in love with me and decided that with 3 or 4 legs, I was their girl. I hardly notice having just 3 legs. Walking on the leash is challenging because I have to go slow, but boy can I run! I can almost catch the rabbits in my yard. I even went swimming in April which was delightful.

At home in the valley I have a fenced yard and golfers come by and pet me all the time. My summers are spent in the mountains near a lake and I’m hoping to go swimming soon. I’m still a bit insecure about being left alone, but each day I’m getting better. I love sitting on people’s feet and getting petted. I especially like cruising in the golf cart which I call my dog cart. There are plenty of dogs here and I’m getting used to them at the dog parks. Pretty good life wouldn’t you say?