Introducing our 2022 Calendar Cover Dog


 Final 00 Cover Duke

 After losing 2 of our 3 senior pets, we applied to adopt a Golden. Six months later, we received a text that Luke (now Duke) was looking for a home.

Duke was rescued from a back yard breeder at 8 weeks; covered in mud, ticks and with a sadness in his eyes no dog should ever have. He was checked by a vet and all was okay, except for a slight heart murmur.

The day before Duke was scheduled to arrive, our last senior dog, Haus passed away. He never got to meet Duke. Devastated, I was not sure how it would impact me and my ability to open my heart up again. The next morning Duke arrived. The second I held him, I was flooded with love, and knew he was sent to us for a reason.

Duke, now just over a year old, is 93 lbs. of pure, goofy love. He doesn’t fetch or play with his toys but loves taking the kids stuff and chasing them around. He loves walks, meeting other dogs and belly rubs. He smiles constantly, prancing around, watching and protecting his family. On outings he makes sure everyone is loaded and accounted for before he gets in the vehicle.

His heart murmur is still present. We are currently awaiting an echo, to determine the cause but are hopeful and prepared to handle anything.

Duke has filled our hearts with so much love, we cannot imagine our lives without him.

Thank you RAG of Arizona.