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Introducing our 2022 Calendar Cover Dog


 Final 00 Cover Duke

 After losing 2 of our 3 senior pets, we applied to adopt a Golden. Six months later, we received a text that Luke (now Duke) was looking for a home.

Duke was rescued from a back yard breeder at 8 weeks; covered in mud, ticks and with a sadness in his eyes no dog should ever have. He was checked by a vet and all was okay, except for a slight heart murmur.

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January: Meet Sedona

01 Jan Sedona

Hi, my name is Sedona. I was born February 15, 2016. I came to my forever home in the beginning of November, 2020.

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February: Meet Bo

 02 Feb Bo

In June of 2020, the rescue received a tip about some Golden puppies living outside in the mud, in 110°F weather, and in a terrible situation.

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March: Meet Otis

03 Mar Otis

In July 2020 I received a call from RAG that they had a golden who was in need of a new home quickly.  I was given two hours to decide, however after seeing photos of Otis it took two seconds.

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April: Meet Nabila

04 Apr Nabila

Nabila was found shivering in the snow in a forest in Turkey. Upon arrival in Arizona she was named Angel and she went to stay with a nice family. Unfortunately for them, Nabila and their dog did not get along.

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May: Meet Lou

05 May Lou

How does a sweet golden retriever go from being lost in a field to a golden life? It starts with Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

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June: Meet Cami

06 Jun Cami

Hi! Cami here! June is the birthday month my Mom gave me. I’m originally a Texas girl but was transferred to Rescue A Golden of Arizona in 2018.

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July: Meet Carl

07 Jul Carl


I'm 4 years old and was rescued all the way from Seoul, South Korea in July of 2018. My new parents named me Carl. They say I rescued them.

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August: Meet Marina

08 Aug Marina

In December 2020, some nice people from Goldens Without Borders and Rescue A Golden of AZ came to where I lived with a bunch of my Golden friends in China and rescued us from the Chinese Dog meat trade.

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September:  Meet Max

09 Sept Max

We met Max on Valentine’s weekend at the Academy West Animal Hospital in Phoenix. His bright smile and positive, happy outlook stole our hearts immediately.

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October: Meet Dozer

10 Oct Dozer

So what can I say about our Dozer?

Dozer came into our lives in October 2020, a couple of months after Murphy went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a gangly, clumsy 9 month old puppy.

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November: Meet Brinkley

11 Nov Brinkley

My name is Brinkley, funny name I know but my mom and dad thought it fit me well?! Anyway, my story begins on the mean streets of El Paso Texas where I was dumped as a pup.

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December: Meet Griffey

12 Dec Griffey

Griffey came to Kathie and David after the loss of their 17 year old rescue Golden and her step sister Phoenix, 12.

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Oldest RAG of AZ Golden: Meet Boone

13 Oldest Boone

In 2010 at four years old, Boone had quite a history of unusual behaviors. He was an escape artist, who bolted pell mell at every chance.

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Second Oldest RAG of AZ Golden: Meet Tinkerbelle

14 Second Oldest Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle came into my life September 2008. She was one of the “Sooner” rescues from a puppy mill in Oklahoma.

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