November: Isabella

11 November Isabella 280

On September 10, 2008, I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona along with my sister and seven brothers and, shortly thereafter, we were all surrendered to RAGofAZ.

In November I left my foster family in Scottsdale and went to my forever home in Tucson.  After adjusting to my new pack I went to work for RAGofAZ.  I helped other goldens by donating blood and filling my vest pockets with money by gift wrapping, playing in front of PetsMart and doing what I do best--LOOKING CUTE.

We lived in Tucson when I was a puppy and spent our summers on Cape Cod where I played in the grass and explored the beach and the ocean, making the long car ride back home to the southwest each fall.

Just before my third birthday, we made our last ride northeast and over the bridge to Cape Cod to live forever in our beach house.

I’m getting whiter now.  The chipmunks are no longer so easy to catch and running on the beach is now a fond memory.  I do have a few health problems but everyday I’m lucky enough to wake up to hear the seagulls and smell the ocean.  We have all retired now and are taking it easy but, I am still doing what I do best--LOOKING CUTE.