March: Rosie

03 March Rosie 280

Rosie was rescued from Turkey where she was kept in a cage and was used as a breeding dog. When she arrived in the US she was skin and bones. She was taken to her initial vet appointment at Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, where the vet told us that she had multiple litters of puppies and was approximately two years old.

She also pointed out how Rosie’s skin was black from malnutrition. She was also very scared of everything and would hide in my bedroom between the bed and night stand.

Rosie has come a long way with the help of her two brothers, Baxter and Tucker. Rosie and Tucker, another Turkey rescue, play all the time. Baxter is her big brother who makes sure Tucker does not get too rough with her. Rosie has also put on weight and her skin is now pink as it should be. She is very happy and no longer hides in the bedroom.