11Phoebe 280

Beautiful Phoebe came to us from the same backyard breeder who gave us Bella. Phoebe arrived trembling with fear, filthy, covered with ticks, and sick with Heartworm.

Extra Phoebe2631 resizedExtra 2 Phoebe2724 resizedAfter a long and rigorous course of treatment that required three intramuscular injections, constant quiet and rest, she is now cured. Although her life is immeasurably better in her new forever home, Phoebe remains a cautionary tale. Heartworm is easily detected but expensive to treat and very hard on the dog. In fact, it can take up to 9 months until the dog is declared free of infestation. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes . . . so it’s just bad luck if your dog gets bitten by a mosquito carrying the disease.

Phoebe wants you to know that Heartworm is totally preventable by using one of the medications on the market: Heartgard, Interceptor, and Advantage Multi, for example. They are all monthly applications, and your vet can advise you which is best for your dog. No one knows better than Phoebe that the best cure for Heartworm is prevention!