Jake & Morgan

07Jake Morgan 280


The first three years of my life I lived in a breeder’s backyard with no human companionship. As an answer to my prayers, the breeder gave me to RAGofAZ.

Jake Morgan extra small resized


My new family showered me with love and taught me how to be an inside dog. Now I’m a proud ambassador for RAGofAZ and welcome dogs to my home who need a temporary sanctuary until the perfect family is found. I gladly share my toys and food - but never my bed because I sleep with my mom and dad. #Lifeisgood.


For days and days I wandered around the hot desert hungry, thirsty, sick, scared, and lonely. Where was my family? Why had they abandoned me? Then one day a man passing by took me to the shelter. I was very sick and needed to see a doctor. Thank goodness RAGofAZ rescued me. During a month of love and care my foster family saw through my matted fur and sad eyes and decided I needed to be theirs. They adopted me, and I was home at last. Now I go with mom to RAGofAZ events to share my story. #LoveMyLife