03Joey 280

Ten years ago we fostered an eight month old golden called Bronco for RAGofAZ. He was in such turmoil from his breeder that he would do alligator rolls when leashed, would run away inside or outside the house and hide under beds or in bushes and shiver at the thought of human contact except for his Rescue Mom.

Small 2 Joey resizedsmall Joey3274 resizedHis first night with us, he stood shaking in the lawn for hours and fell asleep standing as he had no idea what any surface was other than a metal crate.

We showed him kindness and love, changed his name to Joey and decided we needed to adopt him now. We felt strongly that very few could offer the attention, dedication and commitment needed for this puppy. Continued love and training has produced the most loving, gentle and affectionate dog ever.

Joey is now Delta certified and does therapy visits at the Mayo Clinic. He brings joy and comfort to the patients and staff. Joey has been the kindest, smartest, most gentle soul of a dog we have ever had. We feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy and spry eleven year old and at the same time are speechless to comprehend a life without him.