01Luna 280

Luna is a rescue from South Korea. Her owner dumped her in front of a factory and the local villagers fed her scraps as she scavenged for food.

She hid when the dog meat traders would come around.

Someone contacted a member of a local rescue organization who went to save her before the butchers found her.

Extra2 Luna Small resizedThanks to the RAGofAZ network, Luna was transported from South Korea to Tucson, by way of Los Angeles. We were insanely anxious during her voyage. Since landing in her forever home, we have provided her with a stable, secure and loving environment.

We have established routines around feeding, sleeping, “getting busy”, and quiet time which have all seemed to calm Luna and build up a trust that she no longer has to wonder where her next meal is coming from.

Luna is no longer the timid little girl that we had to carry over the threshold in the first weeks she was with us. In a very short time, she was house broken, snake trained, crate trained, understood basic commands and became an expert in cuddling on the couch. She has demonstrated the ability to socialize with Extra Luna Small resizedother dogs and humans. We are so lucky to have her and love her to bits!