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-- Melody is a rescue from Mexico. She was left in an abandoned house with no food for almost 30 days. She was very malnourished which caused most of her hair to fall out but is expected to make a full recovery. She is good with other dogs if properly introduced and loves people.

Age: 2
Gender: Female
Weight: 65 lbs
Color: Blonde

Melody is a Great Pyrenees/Retriever Mix. She is a sweet girl who loves her humans, and if properly introduced, most canines. The Pyrenees is known for its independence and protective nature. It is also known for its ability to protect all members of a family, as well as affection towards children. Due to her large size, we are looking for the right individual that can provide leadership, discipline, and training to this sweet girl. It has been shown that if she doesn’t perceive her person as being the leader, she will assume that position on her own and become the leader. Melody is not looking for someone that will feel sorry for her past situation, she is looking for guidance in her current situation. As always, we have trainers standing by to assist if necessary. Are you that individual that is willing to spend the extra time to become her Parent, Teacher, Disciplinarian, and friend? Just let us know.

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