President's Message

The beginning of this summer brought much excitement to our Director of Golden Rescue, Scottie McGowan. Scottie made connections with Goldens Without Borders (GWB) in Las Vegas. This connection introduced Scottie to other rescue groups in Korea, China and Mexico. If you paid attention to our web site, you have noticed that RAGofAZ has rescued 9 dogs from outside of the USA. More information on this adventure can be found later in this newsletter.

Besides making many people on our waiting list happy, we are now concentrating on our biggest fund raiser of the year, our annual Links of Gold  Golf Tournament. Chris Brant, Chairman, is working very hard to put together a smashing good time for all of our golfers and guests this coming September. You will see his postings on our web site and we will continue to feature this event in future newsletters. Let’s come together and support this event as the donations will help us bring in more dogs.

The Cutest Golden Contest brought in some ten winners that will be featured in our 2018 calendar. The calendar committee has been working hard to get all the photographs and stories of our winners finished and ready for publication. We hope to have the calendar printed and on hand for sale at the golf tournament.

Thank you one and all for all you do. Have a great summer and look for more news coming.

Oren Bishop
President, RAGofAZ


Links of Gold on Saturday September 9, 2017 at Troon North

Mark your calendar for September 9th, for this year’s Links of Gold Golf Tournament at Troon North Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ.  Sign up a foursome of friends, sponsor a hole, volunteer for the day or bring a pal to the buffet dinner and spend a day celebrating, “It’s all for the Love of a Golden!”  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have you seen the recent announcement on the website? RAGofAZ has "gone International” and we are now saving Golden Retrievers from Korea, China and Mexico. We are also making connections in Turkey. Raising funds for RAGofAZ will have an extra meaning for us this year at Links of Gold. We have already received commitments from a number of sponsors and you can join them now by registering online with a click here.

As of June 1 you are able to register online for golf and/or dinner. Please check out the website; when you log on you will learn more about the features of this year’s event by enjoying a series of different fliers each time you visit. You can also check in on Maddie and Goldie Barkless!

This year’s theme is “Who Rescued Who”; we want to focus on how our beloved Goldens have rescued their owners. So, if you have a heartwarming story on how your Golden has rescued you, please let us know! Please contact Becky Buck-Wetzel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Bart Shea – N-Shea Group 
  • Terry Cox – James Financial Advisor 480-837-4590 
  • Dr. Valerie Ferguson – Four Legged Friends 
  • Ken & Marilyn Edwards –Tristar Hotel Group 
  • Julie Kosier – Glendale Steel Supply 
  • Perry & Ellen Wybranski 
  • Dr. Sarah Bashaw – El Dorado Animal Hospita; 
  • Kristi Rivera 
  • Tait Elkie – Fountain Hills Law Firm 480-766-1231
  • Ellen & Chris Brant
  • Kay Dettling

Rescuing Goldens in other Countries

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it!!​

Many people may ask why we are rescuing dogs from other countries, rather than from Arizona. We ask, why not. We will not turn our backs on a Golden that needs our help.

In the just released Year to Year survey from the National Rescue Committee, the number of dogs rescued from 2011 to 2016 has decreased almost 50%. In 2011, 8,399 Purebred Goldens were rescued in comparison to 4,474 in 2016. Of the ninety-six rescue programs that responded, in 2016, three groups had no activity, one group didn’t bring in any dogs and the other two had closed. In 2014, when some groups started rescuing Goldens from foreign countries, the total rescued was 325. In 2016, there were 854 imported Goldens rescued.

We wish that we can help rescue and save all the abused, abandoned and neglected Goldens in the world, but we decided we will start slowly and focus on those Goldens in countries where neglect and mistreatment is of the worst imaginable kind.
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Animal Communication

By SANDRA MURPHY, Animal Wellness Magazine

Once regarded with skepticism, animal communication is now often seen as an effective modality for getting to the root of a variety of problems.

Taylor still remembers talking with the veterinarian about her dog’s inexplicable behavior problems. It was the mid-1980s, and both she and the vet were flummoxed by Ally’s sudden and unprecedented fear of loud noises. A physical workup revealed no medical causes for the change, so Taylor wondered aloud if it would be worth taking the dog to a local animal communicator she knew of.


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Woof Down Lunch & Woofstock

Prescott & Prescott Valley Events

On June 3rd, many of our members headed north to escape the warmer temperatures. 

The Woof Down Lunch, at the historic Courthouse Square in Prescott is always a fun event and draws a good crowd of people and four-legged friends.

We had lots of volunteers supporting and celebrating Rescue a Golden of Arizona at our booth.

The volunteers at the RAGofAZ booth were Ruth Steffes with Sedona and Bella, Robin Fox with Spirit, Scottie McGowan with Morgan, Becky Buck-Wetzel with Maddie, Kay Dettling with Rusty and Lucky, Andie Graubard with Quila, Cheryl Kellogg with Polan, Daryl and Lynn Lassen with Gamer and Jazz, Sam and Connie Morey with Ruger in spirit, Steve and Kathy Bourque and Randy Messersmith, no dogs. read more


Rainbow Bridge

Gone but never forgotten . . . remember the beloved Goldens who have crossed to the Bridge recently but will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them. CLICK HERE

And CLICK HERE to see a remembrance including those Goldens that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge previously.





Mark your Calendar

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