President's Message

pictureI want to begin my first Golden Tales publication by thanking all our members for being a part of RAGofAZ and part of the Golden Rescue community in Arizona. I also want to thank you for electing me as your President of  Rescue a Golden of Arizona. Your Board members have lots of experience and knowledge in doing what they do and we always have one thought in mind, and that is “help us save a Golden's Life.”

For RAGofAZ members, many times our tasks do not let us come out into the limelight, and the public at large does not exactly know what we do. We ourselves are in sync with what we do every day as a routine, without realizing that we touch so many lives and so many dogs in our community.

Many times we do not realize how important we are in our communities and that Goldens depend on us for their survival. So sometimes we need to sit back and thank ourselves for a job well done after all these years of protecting Golden Retrievers, answering the call, and protecting their rights to live, and be forever loved. For making sure that every Golden is cared for, medically and mentally, whatever the costs. As a past member once said, “When a Golden calls out for help, drop everything and go help." Do the right thing and you will be rewarded. 

I have always been a person committed to participating.  To me, the simplest form of commitment is to show up. If you show up and raise your hand when asked, your life will change. We have fun, but what’s important is we can and do make a difference.  Today, we are asking for your help by volunteering for  a board position (Vice President), an event (gift wrap) or a team (volunteer coordinator). By volunteering, you can help rescue a Golden who needs a new home through no fault of their own.
There are great fun events coming up during the holidays.  Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping  is a big fundraiser for our organization, and we get to meet so many people with our dogs and lift spirits for everyone. Please join us. We need your help and would love to have you. Check our website for locations, dates and times

In summary, to all our members I say THANK YOU. I appreciate you being a member and I look forward to working with you this coming year, as always.

Oren Bishop
President, RAGofAZ

Annual Meeting

On October 15, 2016,  Rescue a Golden of Arizona  held their Annual Members Meeting, at Mary and Oren Bishop’s house in Central Phoenix. In attendance were 32 members and 24 Golden Retrievers. After everyone enjoyed the pot-luck lunch, the meeting was called to order by Chris Brant, our past President.

All Board members gave a report on their activities for the past year.
Highlights of the reports:

• Presently we have 293 members, 40 of those are new members this past year. We have 98 expired memberships.
• Vet expenses this past year were at $60,248.56. Net income is below last year at $10,931.50. Good news is cash on hand is up with a total of $286,127.04.
• We should be getting some dogs from Taiwan very soon.
• Links of Gold was a successful event, bringing in over $19K.

Kathy Mutch, Director of the Nominating Committee, thanked the membership for voting and announced the new Board Members.

President: Oren Bishop
Secretary: Carol Quinn
Director of Golden Rescue: Scottie McGowan
Director of Fund Raising:  Becky Buck-Wetzel

The meeting carried on with questions from members to the Board; however, between the tug-of-wars at center stage, between two playful dogs, the meeting was adjourned so we could continue the laughter of a pack of Goldens, all off lead, enjoying themselves.

Read what those in attendance had to say…………………….

Annual Meeting comments

• I really think the Annual Meeting was perfect. We had an agenda which we stuck to which I really liked. The pot luck food was an excellent idea which kept our costs down. The location was excellent, much closer than Mimi's. Thank you again for allowing us to hold it at your house. The misting system kept everyone comfortable which would not have been the case if we were at a park. Having the dogs there was 

very nice. The dogs all got along and also seemed to be having a ball. The amount of time allocated for the event was perfect.   Pam Whitney - Treasurer
• I’ve been to quite a few and this was far and away the best.  Just the ability to let the dogs run loose so you didn’t have one hand on a leash the whole time was a tremendous improvement.  The ability to keep the food indoors so it wasn’t necessary to keep swatting flies away...or dogs away.  It was easier to hear. Bob Schillaci – Director of Golden Operations
• This was the best annual meeting ever! Location was more private than a park. Off leash dogs were bouncing happy dogs. Off leash humans were free to socialize. Usual great pot luck food. No "Seating" of the new board off in private. Each board member gave a short synopsis of their report to all present. Lots of laughter. Scottie McGowan – Director of Golden Rescue 
• Maddie and I have a great time. By far, the best annual meeting I have attended and I wouldn't change a thing. I thought the potluck worked well, meeting went very well, time frame was good and the dogs had a great time too. Thank you again to Mary, Izzy, Finnegan and you for hosting a great RAG event. Becky Wetzel – Director of Fundraising 
• This year’s AM was my first and I had a great time. Your hosting was incredibly generous of your wife and you (and of course Finnegan!!).  Having the dogs all run around and socialize was great and I loved seeing them all interact and play.  What a great yard you have for them to play.  My Finnegan and Khaleesi came home very happy that afternoon and slept the remainder of the evening.
Pot luck for the food was a great idea as well, and there was fabulous food and deserts at the event. I think the time of day and location was also great. Your home is so central, for our valley wide board and members to attend.  Maybe it was a bit hot, but you guys provided more than enough shade and misters to boot!!  Who could ask for more?  Honestly, I think the event was fantastic and very nice gathering of fellow Goldie lovers and I had a great time.   Lindsey King – Membership Coordinator

In Loving Memory of Barbara Barclay

pictureBarbara Barclay, also known to all of us as “Bonnie”, passed away in April of this year. Bonnie was a lover of Golden Retrievers and a dedicated member of Rescue a Golden of Arizona.

We recently received an $8,500 donation, in the name of Bonnie Barclay, from Bonnie’s Trust. We have been in communication with Bonnie’s son, Kevin, and Bonnie’s closest friend and the Trustee of Bonnie’s Trust, Jutta.

We have offered our sympathies and acknowledgement of what Bonnie meant to our organization and members, and how her donation will continue to help our Goldens, now and in the future.

For our members who knew Bonnie and worked along her side at our Christmas gift wrap events, you are well aware of what a fine person she was. Bonnie will be missed but never forgotten. 

Gift the Gift of Rescue for the Holidays!

pictureWe know you love to give the perfect holiday gift to your friends and family – a donation to Rescue A Golden of Arizona in their honor!  

Beginning on November 25, 2016 you can make a contribution of any amount to RAGofAZ in honor of someone or his/her pet and ask us to send them the beautiful holiday card you see here.  We can add a personal message from you, which we will handwrite on the card.  

This year, we are adding a new touch … we will also include our beautiful 2017 Hearts of Gold calendar to make your gift truly special.  

It’s easy!  Starting the day after Thanksgiving, go to our website at and click on the holiday card graphic.   You will complete a brief form to provide us with the information needed to send the holiday card and calendar.  You may donate via credit card, PayPal, or if you prefer, you can mail a check.  We will not reveal the amount of your donation to the person receiving the card unless you specifically ask us to do so.  And, as always, you, the donor, will receive a personal thank you letter.

Have a question or special request?  Please email Judi Schillaci at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 623-537-5989.  She will be happy to help you make the holidays special for every Golden-loving person you know!


Medical Updates

sick dog1Alert to all our members We have received reports of an outbreak of Parvo in Marana, Arizona. We have published articles on Parvovirus and information is in our E-Library on our website. 

Read the article on Parvo here.  

We have also received notice of veterinarians seeing dogs with Heartworm disease here in the Valley. It is always wise to buy Heartgard medication and administer every month to prevent Heartworm disease.

Read the article on Heartworm here.



Canine Cancer Research

pictureReceived from Lynn Lassen, Events Coordinator, Northern Arizona

Good morning!   Cancer is a huge problem for Goldens. My Gamer is 2 1/2 years from diagnosis and the oncologist gave him 3-6 months to live.   If we all got rid of kibble which is usually 30% or more carbs, our dogs would live longer and healthier. To check carb content (it's not on the bag) go to  
Thanks.  Lynn Lassen  

Lynn attached some information from  titled The Cutting Edge of Cutting Edge Canine Cancer Research, by Susan Thixton – October 10, 2016

Here are her opening remarks:

“The amazing work being done at KetoPet Sanctuary is something that every pet owner should be aware of. KetoPet Sanctuary gives us hope. Hope with a disease that takes far too many lives. Hope using the power of food. KetoPets is using food as a cancer treatment. Food!" 

To find out more, click here.

Wild Thing: Helping Overexcited Pets Calm Down

Dr. Kim posted by Dr. Kim Smyth on March 27 2013 
Staff Veterinarian and Pet Health Writer of Petplan

It turns out that much of managing a wild dog’s behaviors comes down to managing the humans in your dog’s life (including yourself).

read more


Start with a Smile

The holidays are approaching and we know you will be busy shopping for gifts, decorations, and more. 

Remember to shop at, and Rescue a Golden of Arizona will receive donations from AmazonSmile on all your purchases. 

#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and Amazon donates to Rescue a Golden of Arizona.


Rainbow Bridge

Gone but never forgotten . . . remember the beloved Goldens who have crossed to the Bridge recently but will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them. CLICK HERE

And CLICK HERE to see a remembrance including those Goldens that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge previously.


Mark your Calendar

Join us for the 2016 Rescue A Golden of Arizona's Howliday Party, December 9th, at Richardson's Restaurant, 16th St. & Maryland Ave., Phoenix, 6:00-9:00 PM. 

Bring your family (including  your dogs) and join us on Richardson’s dog 
friendly enclosed warm patio. All food and beverages are included at no 
cost to our members.

Bring a gift for a white elephant gift exchange. 

An extra special appearance of a special elf from the north pole will take place at 7:00, so don’t be late.

Have your photograph taken with your family, dogs and friends by our special photographer.

Special cookies for your 4-legged family members will be furnished, and candy canes for everyone.

Don’t miss this howliday party, please join us for a great event to start off the yappy howlidays.

If you have any questions, contact our event director, Kay Dettling, 480-600-8312 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..