President's Message

As you probably know by now, the Annual Links of Gold Golf Tournament and Buffet Dinner was a great success raising over $20,000 to help Rescue A Golden of Arizona. Judi Schillaci has led the committee for the past four annual events, increasing the total funds for the coffers every year. In a message she stated how humbled she was by the talent and dedication of our committee members and event-day volunteers. It was certainly a great team effort. It was a good example of what happens when everyone comes together--golfers, committee members, volunteers, sponsors along with those who brought their family and friends to participate. Thank you all.

It brings me to the next point. As you will see from the Events Calendar below, there are a number of important events on the horizon. A few months ago, I mentioned the gift-wrapping opportunities available after Thanksgiving. The times and schedules for the different locations will be available to view online within the next month. I hope that many of you will give the organization at least a few hours of your time over the holiday season. The more volunteers who sign up the more it will assist the regular crew. It is a fun experience for you with or without your Golden! When you check the different events, times and locations below you will see you don’t need to wait until December to get involved and show that Golden spirit. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris PP Brant
President, RAGofAZ

Golden Paws for Celebration

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Oct 17.  It is just over a month away and we are gearing up to celebrate.  We’ve combined our annual meeting and our birthday celebration into one event, and we want you to help us celebrate another year as Arizona's oldest Golden Retriever rescue.  We have a good deal to celebrate! Come meet your new Board of Directors and find out what is happening within your RAGofAZ family. Over 3,300 Goldens have had their lives changed because of Rescue A Golden of Arizona, and we do this "All for the love of a Golden." 

Let the celebration begin with you and your family.  It is a casual evening of fun and friendship. You’ll meet up with some familiar faces as well as make new friends.  Share your Golden stories, have a bite to eat with delicious food prepared by the AZ Bread Co and don't forget that slice of birthday cake.  We’ll have some awesome raffle baskets as well as our 2016 Hearts of Gold calendars. 

Be a part of the success of this event by volunteering to help on event day. Experience is not required, just the desire to become involved. We need some volunteers to help with set up, clean up, registration and in selling raffles tickets. If you plan to attend, and want to volunteer, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is a great way to get to know some like-minded people.

We hope to see you there.  Check out our website and register today. Deadline for registration is Monday, October 12.

Mark your Calendar

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Spotlight on Rescue

The following will make interesting reading: Carol Allen, the Chairperson of the National Rescue Committee compiled results from a nation-wide survey addressing Golden Retriever Rescue Activity, 2014. A majority of the Golden rescues from across the nation participated in the survey, including Rescue A Golden of Arizona. The findings were the cumulation of the data recorded from all these affiliated organizations. read more

After reading the “Spotlight On Rescue” I thought that it would be pertinent to include the comments from another rescue, this one on the East Coast. Robin Adams is the Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and here are her reactions to the article: read more


Clinical Trials offer hope for dogs with Lymphoma
An Update of the Morris Foundation Latest Studies

pictureCourtesy of Golden Retriever Club of Illinois

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy of Canine B-Cell Lymphoma

PROGRESS UPDATE: Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers of dogs, accounting for an estimated 25 percent of all canine cancers. In humans with lymphoma, the use of therapeutic antibodies has led to significant advances in treatment. read more




No need to get ticked over ticks!

pictureTick-borne diseases are preventable. Although this article reprinted from the Fort Huachuca Scout was written three years ago, the information discussed in it is still very relevant today.

read more




Famous Dog Quotes by the likes of Will Rogers  

pictureI hope that you enjoy the following DOG QUOTES by famous people. They were provided by a fellow rescue organization, the NorCal Golden Rescue Retriever Rescue. Before you read the quotes let me share one of my favorites with which I am sure that you will agree, “If all humans were Golden Retrievers not only would we have no wars, we would have very few arguments.” read more





A poignant goodbye to a life-changing rescue dog

pictureExcerpted from a 15 August 2015 Arizona Republic article by Diana M Nanez

When you’re heartsick, the love of a pet can be a cure. 

Even at your worst, your fourlegged friend will sit quietly by your side, licking your tears, nuzzling your hand and letting you know you’re not on your own.

Last week, a Tempe man wrote a tribute for his dog, Scully. Randy Keating poured his heart out and posted it on Facebook.

He described how a Maricopa County shelter dog he adopted more than a decade ago gave him an unconditional love that changed his life. Saved it, really, he says. And he wrote that even after a pet dies, there’s a bond that remains. read more

Rainbow Bridge

pictureGone but never forgotten . . . remember the beloved Goldens who have crossed to the Bridge this past month but will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them. CLICK HERE

And CLICK HERE to see a remembrance including those Goldens that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge previously.

"Just this side of Heaven is a place called The Rainbow Bridge..." read more



Great ways to support RAGofAZ!

picture•      Have you seen the new calendars? They were a great hit at the recent Links of Gold Golf Tournament and buffet dinner. When you buy one for yourself you might also want to consider picking up one or more for friends and relatives.
•      We have recently received a supply of tee-shirts, so now would be a good time to order. We still have hats and luggage tags that can be purchased online.
•      Just a reminder that if you like shopping early for Christmas, one of the best bargains is a signed copy of "Yellowdog: River of Love” for $14.00 which includes mailing fee ($48 cheaper than on eBay).

Re-enroll every year after August 1st and support RAGofAZ just by shopping at Fry's!