Golden Tales Masthead Dec 2014

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I am sure that I’m not the first to state that, “If all humans were Golden Retrievers there would never be any wars!” From what I have observed in the last two months, since taking over as President of RAG of AZ, the temperament of some of our four legged pals has been rubbing off on their two-legged companions.

As many of you know I had been a passive member of RAG of AZ for about a decade. Over those years I had attended a few functions and those mainly due to the fact that my wife Ellen offered her artistic talents to produce a keepsake, a portrait of their Golden, for a winner at the silent auctions.

Recently, I found out that I had been missing many of the benefits of being a member of this great organization. I hope that this message tweaks the curiosity of at least a few of you. If it does I hope that you will today mark February 8, 2015 on your new Hearts of Golden Calendar and join the community of Golden Lovers at the Bark in the Park in Tempe in February. I can guarantee that if you join your fellow members on February 8 you will meet some of the finest individuals that you have met in your life. At the end of the meeting you will leave with a smile on your face, having swapped Golden stories with kindred spirits, laughed a little and maybe shed a tear or two after hearing the passion of a grieving owner of a departed pet. I believe the result will be that you will be feeling really good, knowing that you have been blessed by having a Golden Retriever in your life and after mingling with some of the other interesting and caring folks you will be equally happy with the long term bonds that you will likely make at the Bark in the Park. See you in February!

How did I suddenly come up with these conclusions? Well, Ellen and I have attended a number of different events recently and at many of these functions they had called for volunteers to assist. The common theme was to raise funds for RAG of AZ. All you need to do is to read of the success of each of the four Barnes and Noble fundraising sites we have been working this year. Although there are generous shoppers out there, many of the donations are made only because of the hard work and fine image of our numerous volunteers, (with a little help from their adorable four-legged friends). A big thank you to everyone who coordinated the efforts at the gift-wrapping stations and to those volunteers who gave up valuable hours to assist during this busy time of the year.

This year we only had four sites for gift-wrapping instead of the usual six, however, collectively we still brought in the tremendous figure of $12,711.61 over the Christmas Shopping period to help RAG’s coffers. Next year we plan to increase the number of sites. That will only be possible if we have enough volunteers to work the stations. I have faith that will not be a problem!

Although these dollars collected will help towards paying for our large veterinarian bills, particularly those that we recently received for rescuing the Parvo Five Puppies, I would be amiss if I didn’t remind you all that bills will continue to be acquired if we endeavor to save the lives of our beloved Goldens.

As the year of 2014 winds down I want to thank again, for their hard work and strong leadership, all those past board members and volunteers that helped pave the way for building the well-oiled organization that we have today. Personally, I would especially wish to thank Bob and Judi Schillaci for their wise tutelage of me from the time I declared my interest in running for the position of President.

With just a week to go before the end of the year I know that many of you are planning to make tax-deductible donations to your charities of choice. If you are reading this letter I don’t need to acquaint you with the positive work accomplished by the Rescue A Golden of Arizona organization. We as a body would be deeply appreciative of any contribution that you can make and I hereby offer on behalf of my fellow members our profound thanks for your generosity.

Please donate by clicking here.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year …. and that, of course, includes your four legged family members.

Best Regards,

Christopher P P Brant

President RAG of AZ