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President's Message

three dogsAnother year is nearly in the books, and the holidays are once again upon us. For many of us, this time of year is always the best time of year, and for others it’s a tough time. But there is one universal truth that all dog people know – just by doing what they do, dogs make the good times even better and the hard times a little easier. And Golden Retrievers are in a class of their own. If you’ve been loved by a Golden, you are likely nodding in agreement right now.

The dogs themselves are why the majority of our volunteers get (and stay!) involved. We are incredibly grateful to have the role we do in helping Golden Retrievers find their forever families.
This marks our 23rd year and so far, we’ve rescued 56 dogs in 2021. The list of families waiting to adopt a best friend remains long at Rescue A Golden, and we appreciate your patience. When the dogs need us, we’ll be here, and we know you will too.

Thank you for your continued support.

On behalf of all of us at Rescue A Golden of Arizona, we wish you a wonderful holiday season spent with all of your favorite dogs and lots of other “dog people!”

Kelly Cook (and Cooper, Jake & Rally)
Rescue A Golden of Arizona


2021 Annual Meeting & Golden Retriever Pool Party

Seeing nearly 30 Golden Retrievers in one back yard was pretty amazing! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2021 Annual Meeting October 23rd. 


CDC Ban & our Commitment to the Dogs

It has been several months since the CDC instituted its temporary suspension of dogs entering the U.S. from countries classified as high risk for dog rabies. The CDC remains under pressure to change their position. A coalition of animal welfare groups put out a press release late last month with a link to a bipartisan letter Members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent to the CDC, asking specifically for rescues to be allowed to continue their work in the banned countries. Animal Wellness Action was also on a panel at a conference in Brazil last month alongside Dr. Emily Pieracci from the CDC to discuss the ban.
We remain hopeful common sense will ultimately prevail. The China dogs we tried to bring to Arizona before the ban went into effect are doing well. The rescue in China is resourced to care for them, and they continue to take in more dogs. We sent some money to the rescue late this summer to help repair some of the kennels that were damaged by weather. The funds so many of you helped us raised are being reserved for the dogs we committed to in July. Our plan is to bring them to Arizona just as soon as we can, and we remain hopeful that that day will come.

Born in Tucson — A Valley Fever Vaccine for Dogs

valley fever no funValley Fever is something you know about if you live in Arizona. If you came from the Midwest or the East Coast, you may not have learned about it until you were already here. While some parts of California, West Texas, Nevada, and Utah deal with Valley Fever, Arizona seems to have been dealt the shortest stick. In some Arizona counties, 1 in 10 dogs develops the disease each year. Some say it is the number one reason dogs are surrendered to animal control due to the costs to treat.
But there is something on the horizon that can change all of this… enter the new vaccine candidate developed right here in Arizona by the Valley Fever Center for Excellence at the U of A College of Medicine. 


The Naughty List

no onionThere are so many things we eat that our dogs never should. The list is long, actually.
At the holidays, it can be tempting to share a little something with our four-legged friends, but it is generally a bad idea. Here are some of the worst culprits this time of year: 

1. Cheesy dips or cold cuts. These are high in sodium, nitrates, and other harmful ingredients. They can upset your dog’s stomach and be harmful if eaten in large amounts.

2. Cooked bones or small bones of any kind. These are a major choking hazard and once inside your dog’s digestive system, they can cause big damage.

3. Onions or garlic, or anything from the onion and garlic family. (This includes chives and shallots.) These can give your dog tummy aches and digestive problems.

4. Sugar of any kind. Sugary, grain-filled foods can cause your dog to become overweight and develop other related illnesses.

5. Raisins, nutmeg, and chocolate. These ingredients are toxic to your dog and could lead to an emergency vet visit.

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Weekend — Tempe Marketplace Gift Wrap – Check our website for details

Friday November 26, 2021  9-6
Saturday November 27, 2021  9-6
Sunday November 28, 2022  9-5

Monday, November 29th – Eat Pizza – do it for the Goldens!

Thanksgiving leftovers are delicious — for a couple days! By Monday, you might be ready for something other than turkey, though and have we’ve got an idea for you! Pizza! From Lou Malnati’s! Lou Malnati’s is donating 20% of the sales (delivery included within zone) from RAG fans at three of their locations on Monday, November 29th.  Make sure to mention the fundraiser when you place your order.

Saturday, December 18th — 2021 Fiesta Bowl Parade
Rescue A Golden of Arizona is participating in the 2021 Fiesta Bowl Parade on Saturday, December 18th. If you’d like to walk with us, please email Becky Buck-Wetzel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


2022 Rescue A Golden of Arizona Calendar

The 2022 RAG Calendar is available. They are $10 each (plus shipping) and you can order them by clicking here.

New Partner Alert: Heidi's Village

Heidi's villageWe are excited to announce our new partnership with Heidi’s Village. Heidi’s Village is the one-stop-shop of services for the animal welfare community in the Phoenix area. Through collaboration with over 30 rescue partners, they have huge impact on local animal welfare efforts. 

Heidi’s Village offers rescues: 

• Low-cost boarding to rescues to expand their capacity to say “yes!” to pets in need
• 24/7 Neonate Nursery for our youngest animals that need round-the-clock care
• Access to a behavior modification team 
• Affordable veterinary care for routine, nonroutine and emergency needs


Volunteer of the Quarter

volunteer bob woodCongratulations to Bob Wood, Rescue A Golden of Arizona Volunteer of the Quarter and an incredible leader! Bob and his wife joined RAG of AZ three years ago as members of the Transport Team.

Today Bob serves as Director of Golden Rescue. He leads RAG’s International rescue efforts along with the Home Visit team and the Transport team. He formed a partnership with Goldens without Borders a couple of years ago to help RAG of AZ save more dogs in unfortunate situations from other countries.
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