President's Message

BoIt’s hard to believe we’re more than half-way through the year and if 2020 has been anything, it’s been quite an interesting ride. If you had told me in January that we’d be spending the majority of the year in our homes, away from family and friends, homeschooling our kids, wearing masks for every day outings and seeing so many people lose their jobs and financial footing, I would have called your bluff! Unfortunately, that’s exactly where we’ve all found ourselves for the last several months. It’s been tough for everyone and unfortunately our rescue has also felt the impact. We were quick to react to the new normal and adjusted how we conduct home visits, take a new dog in, transport them to new homes, get them the vet care they need, etc. Our goal is to be able to continue operating so no Golden in need is turned away. 

Like many, we’re feeling the financial impacts of the pandemic as well. Normally we would have attended several events to help raise awareness and funds and we would now be knee deep in planning our annual Top Golf and gift-wrapping fundraisers. However, plans have had to change and we are looking for new and creative ways to continue to be able to rescue any Golden in need. For that reason, we are launching a new “fun-raiser” designed to not only raise the critical funds we need to be able to save all the Goldens, but also to brighten everyone’s days by showing off your very own dogs doing what Goldens love to do—swim! We hope you’ll participate and even if you are unable to donate right now, enjoy the fun photos!

One thing we know for sure is that we could not have gotten through the last several months without our wonderful team of volunteers. When we began to accept new applications again, they came in fast… and in
large numbers! You’ll be as wowed as I was when you read this quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight and see just how Sue Norton Scott and her home visit team were able to process all those applications in record time! We truly cannot do what we do without Sue and her team! 

On the personal front, I did what many people have done recently—adopt a new puppy! When RAGofAZ took in two 8-week-old puppies from a very bad backyard-breeding situation, I fostered them for a short time and “foster failed” immediately. In mid-June, we welcomed Bo (who we affectionately call “Baby Bo”) with his sweet personality, super fluffy coat and puppy breath! Somehow, it seemed like a great idea…being home all day and all… but I was in for a rude awakening! It’s been years since we’ve been blessed with a puppy and we forgot how much work they are! The nice thing about puppies is that for as much heck that they put you through, they pay you back with so much love, fun and happiness. We’re all adjusting and Bo is well on his way to becoming the very best boy in the world!

My hope is that by the next edition of Golden Tales, we will be mostly back to normal. In the meantime, we will continue to rescue any Golden in need and find new and creative ways to continue to raise the funds we need to be able to do so. We know times are tough for many and we understand completely if you are not able to donate right now. For those who can, we appreciate every dollar that comes our way and we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Heather Marcom
President, RAGofAZ 


Send us your Summer Swimmers!

sharkWe know this seems like a long hot boring summer without much going on.  However, here at Rescue A Golden of Arizona (RAGofAZ), we are faced with a new challenge: finding ways to raise funds digitally to ensure that the Golden Retrievers we rescue can receive urgently needed medical care.
We thought why not do some “fun-raising” by sharing photos of our fabulous four-legged friends doing the one thing they love the most in summer – swimming!  Here’s how:

Beginning on August 5, 2020 you can submit a photo of your favorite dog swimming … in a pool, at a beach, at a lake, or just lying in bed thinking about swimming … for a donation of $25.00 or more.
• When you submit your photo (via an online application on our website) please add a short “thought” that we will place in a thought bubble like the one you see here.

• If you can’t think of a thought bubble, don’t worry, we’ll make up one for you, or you can choose to not include one.  

• We will feature your photo in our weekly e-blasts and on our website until the unofficial end of summer on September 7th; plus, your doggo will be spotlighted on our RAGofAZ Facebook and Instagram pages for an entire day so you can tell all your friends that Fido is “trending” on social media! 

You may submit your photo at from August 5 through August 22, and we will begin displaying them on our social media and website on August 10.  We will continue to feature our special swimmers individually on Facebook and Instagram until every dog has had his or her day in the sun.  Any dog you love (or have ever loved) is eligible, Golden or other, executing a precision dive or cheering from a chaise lounge.  What a great way to remember a Bridge dog.
We can’t wait to see your favorite pups doing the RAGofAZ “dog paddle!”

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time, and please stay safe.


A Message of Gratitude …

julie and pupsWe all agree, I’m sure, that there is nothing about 2020 so far that qualifies it as our favorite year.  Actually, there is one thing that continues to touch my heart … and that is the dedication and generosity of our members, volunteers, and supporters!  Throughout this difficult first half of the year, you have been steadfast in ensuring that the important work of rescue continues, and that the resources needed to help our Golden Retrievers are provided.
Just a few examples of the Golden lives you have changed forever:
Julie and her puppies came into rescue and needed extensive treatment for the dreaded Parvovirus; while one poor little pup did not survive, we still saved four precious lives.
Sawyer, poor boy, was rescued limping and clearly in pain; he received surgery for a torn ACL and is now thriving in his new forever home.
Jade was suffering from Pyometra after having delivered too many litters, but we got her into surgery the day we rescued her and she has recovered beautifully. 
sawyerJade1This level of veterinarian care is not inexpensive.  Your membership dues, donations, and volunteer efforts make these everyday miracles possible.  Perhaps you support us through your participation in Fry’s Community Rewards, Amazon Smile, Walk for a Dog, and workplace giving programs.  You celebrate holidays and other occasions by donating in honor of your two-legged and four-legged friends.  And you’ve helped make our Annual Campaign the largest, most successful fundraiser of the year!  
Your contributions are more meaningful than ever this year because the presence of the Coronavirus precludes us from holding our favorite fundraising events.  But the virus does not stop the fear and misery of sick, injured, or abandoned Golden Retrievers.  On behalf of every Golden whose life you have touched … and changed forever … please accept my heartfelt gratitude.  

Judi Schillaci
Interim Director of Fundraising


Are you and your pets prepared?


As of June 15, 2020, at least thirteen fires larger than 1,000 acres (400 ha) have burned within the state, and there are more to come this season.  Many human shelters don’t allow pets.  Are you prepared to evacuate and find shelter for your pets?

Whatever you do, all strategies recommend to NOT leave your pets behind.  They will not be able to fend for themselves.  

Here are some helpful links for more information and assistance as well as a list of what to take for all of your pets.  There are checklists to help you prepare to keep your pet safe.  Post this information in a conspicuous place for future reference if needed.  Enter the links into Favorites in your Browser for quick access in an emergency.
Go to our website, click on Resources, eLibrary, Emergency Pet Information Form; keep the information current and ready for any emergencies. 
Arizona Fire Information -


Helping Pets/Fema -
Animal Disaster Services -   

  Rescue A Golden of Arizona

The cardinal rules also apply and are critical.  Be sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations, are micro-chipped (and registered), and be sure you have ID on their collars to help reunite you and your pets in case you get separated.  It’s also recommended that you have the current vaccination records from your vet in case you need to board your pet during this time; it may prevent the need for unnecessary expenses and shots.

Submitted by Scottie McGowan
Director of Golden Rescue


Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Norton-Scott & The Home Visit Team

Sue-Andy-Gwen.jpgPop quiz! How many people does it take to ensure safe and loving homes and families for our Goldens? It takes a team of 43 dedicated people led by Sue Norton-Scott, the Home Visit Team Coordinator, to visit about 24 adoption applicants each month. To protect our team and our prospective adoptive families from COVID-19, we proactively suspended Home Visits on March 15th. When we resumed visits on June 1st, the team was deluged with 20 applications in just one week. Virtual tours were added to the procedure, enabling team members at risk of contracting the virus to also do visits and get families approved to adopt that special Golden. Within 11 days, 107 new applications were received. 

Their work is always appreciated, but this quarter, we are especially proud to salute the steadfast Home Visit Team for tackling the massive task of approving homes for our Goldens.


Rainbow Bridge

rainbow_dogGone but never forgotten . . . remember the beloved Goldens who have crossed to the Bridge recently but will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them. CLICK HERE

And CLICK HERE to see a remembrance including those Goldens that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge previously.