Rattlesnake tucson

Our winter was brief, and spring has sprung. Spring awakens Rattlesnakes that thrive on Arizona's warmer weather and desert environment. They silently slither in streets, gardens, under bushes, under rocks and debris, on walking paths, in places you might not expect them, and occasionally in your yard.

Goldens are naturally curious about new creatures that move along the ground; they don’t hesitate to investigate. Snake Avoidance Training teaches dogs to withdraw from snakes versus viewing them as a challenge or invoking a need to defend their territory.

If your dog/s previously had basic training, reinforce avoidance with retesting.

TRAINER: Jay Smith, Community Dog Training

DATE: Sunday, April 15th
PLACE: Suffolk Hill Pet Clinic, 7770 N. Oracle Road, Tucson
TIME: 8:00 AM
If your dog/s previously completed basic training, reinforce avoidance with FREE retesting.

COST: $70/dog Cash or Checks (made out to Jay Smith or Community Dog Training) only.

To schedule training and retesting, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 520.360.4414 no later than April 12th.