Reprinted from WOOFipedia by the American Kennel Club


Can dogs eats grapes? Absolutely not.

Grapes (and raisins) are toxic to dogs, and they should never be allowed to eat them.

GrapesWhy, you ask? Well, veterinarians aren't quite sure. But it has been proven that the fruit can cause kidney failure in dogs—a very serious condition that can be fatal. As little as one grape per pound of body weight is enough to cause an issue in some dogs.

Symptoms of kidney failure include vomiting, excessive drinking, and lethargy. Eventually, urine production halts and tremors start. C

Another weird fact about this toxicity: It occurs in certain dogs (but we’re not sure why some are affected and not others) and has never been seen in cats.

What do you do if your dog eats a grape or raisin? Call your veterinarian immediately sick dogand tell them the amount of grapes your dog ate and how much your dog weighs. If it just happened, they may suggest you bring him in to induce vomiting and offer activated charcoal. A dog demonstrating signs of kidney failure (mentioned above) should be taken to veterinarian right away—more intensive care may be required.

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