Online Adoption Application

Foster/Foster-With-Intent-To-Adopt (FWITA)/Adoption Online Application

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. We realize it is lengthy, but please fill out this form completely, as it will speed the process. If you want to print this form, please use the Word or pdf version located here. Include area codes with all phone numbers, and please include your e-mail address. A representative from our Golden Evaluation Team will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your application.

This is a combined Foster Home, Foster-With-Intent-To-Adopt (FWITA), and Adoption Application. Please answer the questions in this application with your ultimate goal in mind, whether it is to foster or to adopt a Rescued Golden. If a question does not apply to you, please write N/A in the response area.

Your first name:
Your last name:
Spouse/Partner's name:
Your address:
State: Zip:
2 Major Cross Streets:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell phone #:
E-mail address #1:
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Best number / method for contact:
Are you currently a member:
Date Joined:
Where did you hear about RAGofAZ?
(Once you are approved to foster or adopt, you must become a RAGofAZ member. The Membership Application is available here.)

Are you employed?
How many hours a day are you away from home? hours
Is your spouse employed?
How many hours per day is he/she away from home? hours

FOR RENTERS ONLY: Do you have permission of your landlord to keep a dog?
If YES, you must provide a copy of written permission at time of home visit.

Do you have children or grandchildren who live with you?
Ages of children:

Do you have children or grandchildren who visit frequently?
Ages of children:

If you currently have other pets, please describe breed, age and gender:

Current Veterinarian:
Have you rescued a dog before?

Is your yard fenced?Height of Fence: feet
Do you have a pool?If so, is it covered or fenced?
Do you have a spa?If so, is it covered or fenced?

GOLDEN PREFERENCES (please be as flexible as possible with your preferences)
Have you owned a Golden before?
What gender dog do you prefer to foster or adopt?

What is your age preference? Please note, it is the policy of RAGofAZ not to place a dog under 3 years of age with a family that has children under 3 years of age.
Puppy 0-1 yr
Young 2-4 yr
Junior 5-8 yr
Senior 8+ yr

Would you consider a mix?
Would you consider a pair?
Would you consider a special needs dog, such as an epileptic, diabetic, dog with severe allergies or cancer?
Would you consider a dog with health problems easily treated with medication, such as valley fever, hypothyroid, mild allergies, mild arthritis?
Would you consider a senior dog (over 8 years old)?
Will the dog live inside the home with you?
Is there a doggie door? (This is not a prerequisite, but helpful if you are away from home more than 8 hours per day)
If no doggie door, how many hours will the dog be kept inside the house with no access to the yard?
If no doggie door, how many hours will the dog be kept outside with no access to the house?
What type of activity level are you comfortable with in a dog?
Primary reason for adopting a Golden(i.e. companionship, agility, obedience, service, other)
Part of agreeing to become a foster-with-intent-to-adopt or to adopt a Golden from RAGofAZ includes participating in a telephone interview and accepting an in-home visit. When would be a good time for us to come for a home visit?

I consider myself:

List current or previous breed experience:

Are you familiar with the Golden Retriever breed?
What other pets have you had, how long did you have them, and were they with you their entire life?

Will you be able to exercise the Golden?(Please be aware that younger dogs require more exercise)
Are you aware that a Golden Retriever is considered a large breed and has higher maintenance costs (food, vet, equipment, grooming bills) than a smaller breed of dog? Do you believe you can afford the cost of caring for a Golden?

If adopting, will you agree to take the dog to obedience classes if recommended by Rescue A Golden?
Are you agreeable to crate training if such is recommended?If NO, why not?
Would you be able to housetrain if necessary?

I/we am/are at least 21 years of age. All of the information I/we have given is true and complete. I/we understand that Rescue A Golden of Arizona has the right to refuse my/our application.

I/we understand that Rescue A Golden of Arizona remains co-owner for the life of any Rescued Golden that comes through the RAGofAZ program and that RAGofAZ has the right to reclaim any foster or adopted Golden if the Board of Directors feels that doing so is in the dog's best interest.

I/we understand that I/we must pay the adoption fee by check or credit card at the time the rescued dog is delivered to my/our home. If, after a 21-day settling-in period, I/we choose not to adopt this dog, I/we understand that the adoption fee will either be refunded or will be applied towards the adoption of another RAGofAZ rescue.

You must agree to the GENERAL AGREEMENT by checking the box(es) below before submitting this application:
Applicant's Agreement
Spouse's Agreement

To all who fill out this application: Due to insurance requirements, you must be a member of Rescue A Golden of Arizona before we can bring a foster dog to your home. Please fill out the Membership Application on the following page and send it in with your payment as soon as possible. Thank you.

What does Foster With Intent to Adopt (FWITA) mean? This is the quickest means to find your perfect dog. All incoming dogs are placed in foster homes. Most foster homes become the Golden's Forever Home. We attempt to place a foster dog within the guidelines you have designated. Foster families have a right of first refusal if another family is interested in adopting. However, the choice to permanently adopt the dog is your decision. If you decide the dog you are fostering would be better placed with a different family, we abide by your wishes. If you have more questions about FWITA, please check out this link (opens in a new window) before sending in your application.

For people interested in FOSTERING: Our foster homes are the most important link in the Rescue chain. If your application is approved, you will be entered into our database for families interested in fostering Rescued Goldens. The Foster Home Team will use the information you provided to assist us in placing a dog in your home. Someone on the Foster Home Team will contact you when a dog needs a foster home. APPROVED-TO-FOSTER HOMES MAY INDEED ADOPT THEIR FOSTER GOLDEN! Foster families must fill out the appropriate paperwork, including contracts, and pay the adoption fee. Thank you so much for offering to open your home to give a Golden a second chance.

For people interested in ADOPTING: Thank you for your interest in RAGofAZ. If your application is approved, you will be notified by either E-mail or a phone call. If you are approved, then after your approval notification, you will be placed on our waiting list. If your application is approved, the Adoption Team will carefully match your lifestyle and needs with an available Golden ASAP, depending on the waiting list. If you get a Golden from another source, or change your mind about adopting from us for any reason, please notify us so we can remove you from our waiting list.