Buddy needs your help


Buddy1Buddy2Followers and supporters, we need your help in a big way right now to save our little “Buddy”.

Buddy came to us last year as a very young, very sick Golden and immediately needed surgery to to insert a shunt into his liver. His progress after the initial liver shunt operation was spectacular and he seemed to transform into a normal dog in almost a heartbeat.

Unfortunately that only lasted until a couple of days ago when he suddenly got lethargic and his abdomen seemed to swell. He was initially treated on an emergency basis and sent home but within a day he was back there in apparent respiratory distress. They were able to stabilize him and do another CT scan, and it showed that the liver shunt had failed. Buddy is being stabilized at the moment and the vet who fostered him for a couple of months before and after his original operation is willing to take him back to nurse him while the appliances for another operation are gathered. He is confident he can keep him alive and well enough for the operation.

We had two choices for poor little Buddy: either get him into another surgery to try to fix the problem and save his life or euthanize him. We

put a lot of thought and consideration into this and decided on the surgery. We (and the vets) believe strongly that Buddy can live a mostly normal life and, at such a young age, he deserves a chance to grow big and strong and have a happy life with his adoptive family.

So, within the next few days, Buddy will get a laparoscopic procedure wherein a coil is placed by a camera guided device that closes the shunt. The estimated cost is in the $4000-$5000 range.

As you know, we are a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization and must rely on our generous supporters to donate so we can rescue these magnificent dogs. We don’t do this often but we are asking for your help with Buddy. Any amount counts and you can securely donate here on our website or on our Facebook page.  Of course you can always mail a check to RAGofAZ, P.O. Box 71987 - Phoenix, AZ 85050.  

Buddy3Buddy4We (and Buddy) can’t thank you enough. We promise to post some updates after the surgery so stay tuned to find out exactly how your donation saves this little guy!








Update! March 9th

The vet has reported that Buddy was up and running around the house for a little while yesterday and ate his food well. He’s in good shape for the surgery right now and our goal is to keep him this way so he has the best chance of a successful surgery. The appliances needed for his surgery have been ordered and they’re hopeful they will get them sometime this week. We should know more about the timing tomorrow. More updates to come.

 Update! March 10th

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters we have collected enough funds for Buddy's surgery and recovery! Your continued support will allow us to keep doing what we do best...rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers from Arizona and around the world. Watch this space for more updates on Buddy. 

 Update! March 14th

Buddy's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. He'll have a team of veterinarians including two cardiologists. Keep Buddy in your thoughts! We will update soon. 

 Update! March 15th

Buddy’s surgery has been pushed back at least a week. His white blood cell count is elevated. He is also vomiting some and has diarrhea. If they were to do the surgery with an infection, the coils could become infected and he would need to be on antibiotics for life.

Please continue to keep Buddy in your thoughts and prayers. He has a team of very good vets around him sharing the same goal of getting Buddy well so he can live the best, longest possible life. Will update again when we know more.

 Update! March 19th

The latest plan is to redo Buddy's blood test at the end of the week and see if his white blood cell count has come down ( indicating that the infection is subsiding.) Once he passes that they will look to reschedule the operation.

In the meantime Buddy is as happy as a clam eating well and playing with the rest of the pack. He has no idea of the stress he is causing all of us humans!

 buddy img 3173Update! March 24th

Thank you to our very generous Rescue A Golden of Arizona family for all your good wishes and support of our Buddy.

Here is an update on his condition. After recovering from his respiratory distress, his surgery was scheduled. We have a team of five doctors who will be performing this delicate procedure. Unfortunately, during routine blood tests, it was discovered that Buddy’s white blood cell count was elevated. If we had proceeded with the surgery while his body was harboring an infection, the coils used in the procedure would likely have retained the infection, thus requiring Buddy to live a life of daily antibiotics. The decision was made to postpone the surgery.

Buddy will be retested this week and hopefully the surgery will be scheduled shortly.

Buddy continues to do well with the support of Rory and Frances Lubold, his treating foster family---because of their care, Buddy has not needed to be in a hospital setting while still receiving daily veterinary care.

 Buddy6Buddy7Update! March 30th

Good news! Buddy’s infection has cleared up and he’s back to acting like a happy Golden Retriever! His surgery has been scheduled for April 25th. This is the soonest date that all of the specialists required to do the surgery can get together. His temporary foster, one of our veterinary partners, is confident he can keep Buddy stable and healthy until then. Keep Buddy in your thoughts and prayers as his surgery date approaches. In the meantime, here are some photos with him and his temporary foster sister, Morgan.

 Update! April 13th

OK, maybe not an update per se but here’s a cute little video of our Buddy playing with his temporary foster sister Morgan. That’s Jack photobombing in the back. The vet is reporting that Buddy is still doing well and is on track to get the surgery later this month. We will update again as the date gets closer.

Update! April 25th

Buddy is out of surgery and in recovery. We don’t have any other info at this time and will have more details in the next 24 hours or so. Thank you for keeping Buddy in your thoughts and prayers.

Buddy8Buddy9Update! April 28th

Look who got up to eat his dinner! Buddy is doing well in his recovery. His catheter was removed and he seems to want to move around and eat. All good signs!





Buddy10aUpdate! May 3rd

Buddy’s vet and foster took this photo today with Buddy in front and his house mate Oliver in back. He says "He's doing well, frisky and feisty again, seems to be doing great so far! Pulling blood today, should have some good information tomorrow." Keep those good vibes and paws crossed for continued improvement! It’s working!

 Update May 16th

We at RAGofAZ are devastated to report that our beloved Timmy (Buddy) has gone to the Bridge.
His health deteriorated rapidly yesterday within a matter of hours, and, despite our very best
efforts, his heart gave out.

We are so grateful for your support and love for our Timmy. RAGofAZ could not have done this without
our participating veterinary partners and especially the loving care of Frances and Rory Lubold of Paion
Veterinary who have cared for Timmy since he came into rescue last August. Fly high Timmy.


buddy timmy

Korean Goldens Arrive in Comfort

By Scottie McGowan, International Rescue Coordinator


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Sian (pronounced she-ann) was living on a dog meat farm. Orioness (now Brulee) was a street dog abused by villagers. Little did they know that their lives were about to change. They were rescued, bathed, vetted, and then escorted by two flight volunteers from Inchon, Seoul, Korea to LAX. They flew in the belly of a big Airbus for almost eleven hours confined in crates, but once they landed on American soil, they began living a Golden life. They were now RAGofAZ girls.

We are blessed to have two flying angels of mercy. Lindsey King is a long time RAGofAZ volunteer as well as a pilot. Her employer, Mike Smith, is also a pilot and owns a private jet. Together they donated their flying time and expenses to significantly decrease the girls' travel time to their final destinations. Mary Liz Freund from the Transport Team accompanied us to assist with transport.

Our exciting journey began at an exclusive, private airport in Scottsdale where we boarded Mike's luxurious jet and flew to the airport in Burbank. Mike stayed with the jet while Lindsey, Mary Liz, and I used a rental car to go to LAX to retrieve the two girls. They were a little shy at first but quickly warmed up to us; they were so happy to be released from the confines of their airline crates and given an opportunity to potty and stretch their legs after their long journey.

We applied the RAGofAZ leash, tag, and collar sets to make them official. I had the honor of having two dogs cavorting all over me and getting puppy kisses in the back seat on the ride back to Burbank. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. The rest of their trip was bound to be much more comfortable.

Upon returning to the jet, Mike and the girls got well acquainted before boarding for the return trip to Arizona. Mike and Lindsey gently lifted the girls into the jet and allowed time for them to adjust to new surroundings. When we were airborne, the two girls walked back and forth in the aisle to schmooze Mike and Lindsey in the cockpit and Mary Liz and me in the cabin. They were relaxed and trusting and thrived on the attention.

Bob Schillaci greeted us in Scottsdale to pick up Sian and escort her to a foster home. I delivered Brulee to her forever home and adoring family before returning to Tucson. Because of a ten hour decrease in travel time in a car, the girls quickly recovered from their arduous journey and showed no signs of stress.

The round trip to LAX was two short hours of flying time versus two long days of driving time for dogs and transporters. Many thanks and tail wags to Mike and Lindsey for their generosity, Golden hearts, dedication to rescue, and this thrilling transport experience, to Mary Liz for her expertise and loving interactions and assistance with the girls, and to Bob for being Sian’s chauffeur to her foster home.


Brulee has adjusted well to her new home, family, and living in a different time zone; Korea is 16 hours ahead of Arizona. Her family reports that she loves being brushed and fed good food on a regular schedule, something she didn’t have in her past life.

Sian is in a new foster home while she undergoes Heartworm treatment. She has the company of two other Golden girls, but she will have to have a sedentary lifestyle while receiving treatment.


Sian Orioness jet

Baxter: from fearful to playful with the help of his very own therapy dog!

Baxter and Kerri grooming timeMy husband Mel and I adopted Dexter, now named Baxter, from RAG of AZ 10 weeks ago.

Dexter arrived at our house late on a Saturday evening after being transported from his foster home in Prescott. My husband and I, and our 9 year-old Portuguese Water dog, Kerri, greeted him at the entrance to our front garden to get acquainted before taking him inside to see his new home. Baxter and Kerri had a wonderful greeting however Baxter was decidedly nervous of humans and tried to back away from us.  Once inside he was understandably nervous and really didn’t know what to make of this strange new house he was about to know as home.

That night and for the next two weeks Baxter was a very nervous boy who wouldn’t go through doorways unless he was on a leash – even then it was a struggle for him. He wouldn’t explore the house, didn’t know how to eat out of an elevated dish, was scared of the refrigerator and most noises, didn’t know what to do with vegetables that Kerri was eating and he certainly wasn’t too sure of these new humans who were there.  Baxter was very thin and didn’t have his “Golden  smile,” his tail was usually down or between his legs.  He really only felt comfortable when he was outside in the garden playing with Kerri. Baxter didn’t show any of the “Golden” personality we have known and loved over 25 years and 4 precious Goldens – now sadly no longer with us.  By the way, Kerri is a registered therapy dog and makes regularly visits to hospitals and is a care giver at the church.

Happy Baxter

Slowly Baxter warmed to his surroundings and my husband and me; we gave him time to adjust on his terms and didn’t overwhelm him with affection and “fussing” unless he instigated it. The two dogs became very bonded almost immediately – Baxter had his very own therapy dog!

With moral support from your team we took each day one step at a time. We cannot thank you enough for the support you give to your adoptive families and the Goldens; you are truly amazing!

Baxter has made huge strides in his recovery. His tail wags constantly, he has a wonderful Golden smile, has gained weight and looks magnificent and most of all he’s become the youngster with curiosity, playfulness and love that he deserves.  We have made fantastic progress with his training and are beginning to widen his scope of socializing.  He’s just a wonderful boy who has made our family whole. Thank you.

Louise and Mel C

Snakes Alive!

rattlesnake1Sure signs of spring in the desert: warming weather, blooming cacti — and rattlesnakes slithering out of their dens.

The information in the article that following was drawn from two sources, an article by Douglas Kreutz written for the Arizona Daily Star and from the http://snake-avoidance.com/ website.


Rattlesnakes typically come out of their winter dens in March or April, but uncommonly warm winter and spring weather brought some out earlier this year, said Randy Babb, a biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

“We had those real warm snaps early on, so they’ve been out for a while,” Babb said, noting that snake sightings have been common.

“We saw eight or so of them when we were out on a research project recently,” he said.


Babb said Arizona is home to 13 species of rattlesnakes, with eight or nine species living in Southeastern Arizona, depending on how the region is defined.

They range far and wide — from deserts, canyons and forests to urban backyards.

Some rattlers slither a mile or more from their dens to places where they spend the summer, Babb said.


Rattlesnakes — sometimes called “buzzworms” because of the buzzing sound of their rattles — sometimes rattle before striking, but not always.

Some rattlesnake bites are so-called “dry bites” in which no venom is injected.

“During the last two seasons, the dry-bite rate was 19 percent in our patients,” Boesen said.

He said the best response to a bite is to go immediately to a medical facility for examination and treatment with anti-venom if needed.

“No cutting, no sucking, no tourniquets — none of that,” Boesen advised. “Just get to a hospital.”

He said plenty of anti-venom is available in Arizona this year.

Boesen and Babb said deaths from rattlesnake bites are extremely rare, and that there have been no known recent snakebite deaths in Southern Arizona.

Avoid rattlesnake bites

These tips for avoiding rattlesnake bites were provided by Keith Boesen, director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, and Randy Babb, a biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

• Be on the lookout for rattlesnakes — whether on a remote hiking trail or in your own backyard.
• Watch where you put your hands and feet. Avoid reaching into areas obscured by brush or rocks.
• "Don't approach or provoke snakes," Babb said. "A lot of people get bit while trying to capture, kill or tease snakes."
• "If you encounter a snake, take one or two steps back and you should be out of striking range," Boesen said.
• Some fire departments will remove rattlesnakes from a confined yard or house. Check with the department covering your area for information.


We can learn to protect ourselves by applying some of these commonsense precautions, however, a trip to your local pet trainer may be advisable for your four-legged friend. Click here to find a list of RAGofAZ trainer partners. You can then contact them about the snake avoidance training.



“Thanks, the snake training paid off. About 8:30 p.m.one Saturday evening I let my two dogs, Bosco and Emily outside to take care of business before they received their night-time treat and went to kennels for the night.

The pair had just gone out the door when they quickly turned and ran back inside. I picked up the flashlight and went out to see a rattlesnake had made its way inside our brick wall and was lying coiled next to one of the bistro chairs. Wow, the dogs had heard the rattle of the snake and or smelled it, or both and knew exactly what to do”.

Training dogs to avoid being bitten by rattlesnakes has many names. Snake breaking, snake proofing, snake avoidance, snake aversion and snake busting all come to mind. While these terms all mean the same thing, dog training procedures, techniques and methods vary between those performing the snake avoidance programs.

Snake Avoidance training focuses on "SSSS." Safety, sight, sound and smell. As we know, dogs instinctively react to sight, sound and smell, and can also be conditioned or trained to react in a positive manner to such senses. Of course, safety always comes first, especially when venomous reptiles are involved. Snakes used by the various trainers are incapable of biting a dog or person. Be sure to speak with your local trainer, ask them to share their philosophy and the precautions they take when using snakes in the avoidance classes.

A visit to your local trainer may save you much grief and a large sum of money!

Links of Gold Golf Tournament 2017 Form

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If you prefer to pay by check, please submit form, and make check out to: "Rescue A Golden of AZ." Put "Links of Gold" on the Memo line. Mail check no later than September 5th, 2017 to:

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Annual Campaign 2015

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Please help.
Because . . . no Golden ever deserves to feel that it’s nothing special.


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Annual Campaign 2016

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AKC Good Dog! Helpline



After 15 years, RAGofAZ has gone through the rebranding process and has come up with a brand new logo!  We have three exciting options for ordering new t-shirts and other merchandise bearing our new happy logo.

RAGofAZ 3c logo 240x134

Coming soon...RAGofAZ screen printed tee shirts---available in women’s sizes!  The women’s style runs the same as the typical man’s tee shirt that we’ve sold before, but the women’s size is shorter by about 3 inches and the sleeve length is shorter as well. (They are not tapered like some junior shirts.) The shirts are a pretty sapphire blue that will flatter most complexions.  They will be available for order on our website for $12.00 each (includes shipping). They will also be available for $10 at RAGofAZ Events.

Lands End—we’re all familiar with the quality of Lands End products. Through their business line, you can order anything from a polo shirt, sweater or sweatshirt with our 3 Color RAGofAZ logo.  We also have our “jumping dog” logo available for a hat or shirt if you prefer. Click here to go to our website for an easy link for ordering.

Needles Up—Jackie Lelli embroiders our RAGofAZ Bandannas and will also embroider any garment of your choosing.  You have a choice of 3 different logos. For $10 plus shipping, Jackie will do your embroidery locally on any item that you send her.  More details coming soon.

We hope you find one of the options appealing for your RAGofAZ apparel!

2014 Annual Fundraising Campaign

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You may donate online via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or PayPal.

Putting on the Dog

 Putting On the Dog 2014 article







 LINKS FOR EBLAST PUTTING ON THE DOG 2014 revised1Event Details

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2013 Annual Fundraising Campaign

Please help us give Golden Retrievers like Tillman a second chance at life. Donate today to our Annual Fundraising Campaign.


You found me quiet, brown eyes sober DSC 2890

Tail wagging with caution

Unsure of what comes next

Watch me rescued.


You hugged away my sadness

Cared for my tired body

Fixed what was wounded

Watch me heal.


You found humans who loved what I loved

Throwing balls, catching balls

Hiding balls, losing balls, stealing balls

Watch me run.


You laughed as I leapt for a bird

Cheered when I sailed after a Frisbee

Applauded my dives into the pool

Watch me soar.


You found me a home

Where I will be loved forever

Watch me now.



Rescue A Golden of Arizona offers a second chance at life to a Golden Retriever in need.