August: Ivy

08 Aug Ivy 280

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have our special girl Ivy as part of our family. Her arrival from Korea to the US was quite the journey, but we couldn’t have been more excited for her to arrive and to meet her!

Ivy was rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea. She was put through a nightmare before she was even 4 months old. It saddens us to know what she has been through, but apart from her pain, we knew we were going to show her a life filled with freedom and unconditional love.

Upon her arrival, we were so hopeful she would fit into our family and get along well with our other Golden Retriever, Laker. When Ivy arrived, she was timid, scared, malnourished and not very trusting. None the less, we knew what she had been through, and went to bed that night praying that things would be better the next day. When we woke up the next morning, Ivy had already made so much progress. She was smiling, cuddly, and playful with all of us.

Ivy has developed into such a lovable, sassy, and happy girl. Her favorite things to do are play fetch, take walks, and wrestle her big brother Laker. Ivy and Laker are inseparable and love each other so much.  We believe Ivy was destined to become a part of our family. We needed her as much as she needed us! Ivy has become our 'Little Miss Thang' and we love her with all our heart!