June: Nash

06 June Nash 280

Hi! Nash here! June is my birthday month. My Mom rescued me when I was less than 7 weeks old from very questionable circumstances. I was way too young to be away from my birth Mom but my new Mom saved me.

Thank goodness that my new sister, Zoey (RAG of AZ) took over as my surrogate Mom and my big brother, Riley taught me the ropes! I am a very happy-go-lucky guy and I think everybody loves me! I feel and look happy all the time! Life is good! My favorite thing to do is eat! I do lots of 360’s all the way to my feeding bowl! I think I’m dizzy but my Mom makes me wait until she says “ok”. Then I can inhale my food. LOL. The other thing I like to do is go on runs with my family. I love to chase rabbits and cows, if I see them. Then of course, there is mud. I love mud and I can find it anywhere. Most recently, my Mom became a Foster Failure and adopted, Cami (RAG of AZ). I love my 2 sisters, brother, and my Mom!