April: Chase

04 Apr Chase 280

In 2014 we lost our Golden, Hunter. Our other Golden Murphy was very sad. When he was ready, we found a cute little guy who we named Chase.  Chase was white except for some gold on his ears, weighed about 6 pounds and was as cute as could be!

Murphy, being a good big brother, hated that Chase had to be kenneled and they would lay nose to nose through the kennel wires, always touching.  We then decided to let Murphy teach him to be good and just used the X-pen to keep them confined.  They became “best buddies” and to this day they still lay together and sleep together.

One day while bathing Murphy, before his Therapy Dog gig at the hospital, Chase bounced right into the Jacuzzi. I worried he would freak out, but he just started swimming, and I realized I had another “water dog”.  Chase loves to swim or just float around the pool on his raft.  

Chase is a true “retriever”. He helps me with the laundry, picking up anything that drops on the floor. He picks out my shoes everyday and prefers my flip flops over normal shoes. He loves being helpful.

Chase attended obedience school and does quite well, but when one of his human or dog friends come over he “talks” for several minutes. 

Chase is a golden angel. He will bring joy to our family for years to come. And Murphy ……. he’s 10+ years young, thanks to Chase!