Introducing our 2020 Calendar Cover Dog


HOG 2020 Front Cover Graham 450

Graham was purchased from a breeder by a family who did not have time for him. They turned him in to the shelter at eight months old, stating he was “untrainable.” They thought that, at eight months, his “puppy stuff” would be over. In addition, the younger children would lie on him.


He immediately chose my eight year old German Shepherd, Shadow, as his buddy. Weeks later, he discovered that McGee was a Golden Retriever, and McGee is now his wrestle partner first thing in the morning, much to Shadow’s chagrin. McGee was never a morning person. Always one to share, Graham alternates his playing partners throughout the day. He happily plays by himself also, wrapping his Nyla bone in his blanket and chewing on it thru the flannel. When he exhausts himself, he goes to his crate for a snooze.

He has multiple activities, including getting the paper in the morning. He has occasional trips to day camp to play with new dogs. He takes classes and competes in Agility, Nose Work, Dock Diving, and Lure Coursing.

He enjoys water and is a natural swimmer. He does not care whether it’s a pool, the sprinkler, or a water dish. He loves chasing balls and toys, but butterflies are the best.

He can be startled at new things, although he is quite brave, and approaches at his own pace, learning that nothing will harm him. He is very smart, affectionate, and enjoys endless petting. He is an astonishingly happy boy.